Software Requirements:

  • Linux, Windows 10 64bit, or OSX
  • KStars  >= v2.6.0
  • INDI Library >= v1.2.0 (Linux Only)
  • >= v0.46 (Required if you want to run the offline solver).

Hardware Requirements:

  • A CCD is minimally required to operate Ekos.
  • Focus Module: Relative or Absolute INDI Focuser. Focus Module can be operated in manual mode if the focuser is not available.
  • Guide Module: CCD + Telescope with Autoguider port. The guiding pulses can be sent via any ST4 compatible device.
  • Alignment Module: CCD + Telescope that supports Slew & Sync commands.



3rd Party

Choose from the numerous 3rd party INDI drivers to suit your needs!

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