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Installation lx200autostar is the generic driver for all Autostar based telescopes. Almost all other Meade drivers are derived from the Autostar driver. You can use the lx200autostar driver with any of the ETX, LX50, LX90, or LX200 series telescopes ...

LX200 16

Installation TODO Features TODO Operation TODO Issues There are no known bugs for this driver. If you found a bug, please report it at INDI's bug tracking system at SourceForge. (You can log in with a vari ...

LX200 Classic

Installation lx200classic is included with INDI v0.2+ Features The lx200classic supports functions that were removed with the introduction of Autostar: Ability to read object name from controller. Setting Max Slew Rate. ...


Installation lx200gps is included with INDI v0.4+. Features The lx200gps supports many extended features over the conventional Autostar based telescope. The lx200gps driver specfically supports: GPS Power Control. GPS S ...


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