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27 Feb 2017
INDI development team is happy to announce the release of INDI Library v1.4.0. This new exciting release builds on the maturity of INDI Library and comes with many new supported devices and fixes for existing drivers. Several improvements and enhancements are included in this release including native support for Cygwin and MacOS platforms in addition to Linux, BSD, and Windows (Client only).
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TOPIC: dslr - image info

dslr - image info 1 week 2 days ago #16150

Ok I have the same camera (600D), I will check this issue later today.

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dslr - image info 1 week 1 day ago #16190

So libraw always return the usable image size to be 5202x3465 for 600D. While CR2 is, as expected, 5184x3456. I do not understand the discrepancy, but this is an old issue (from ~2014). It even reports the "raw" width to be a higher value:
DEBUG	118.322965 sec	: read_libraw: raw_width: 5344 top_margin 51 left_margin 142 first_visible_pixel 272686
DEBUG	118.323072 sec	: read_libraw: rawdata.sizes.width: 5202 rawdata.sizes.height 3465 memsize 36049860 bayer_pattern RGGB
DEBUG	118.328976 sec	: read_libraw: memsize (36049860) naxis (2) w (5202) h (3465) bpp (16) pattern (RGGB)

So if someone knows a clear consistent way around this, let me know. The current solution is to specify the X&Y offset + widthxheight to 5184x3456. The offsets should just be diff between the two resolutions.

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dslr - image info 3 days 20 hours ago #16275

I tried another .fits only session last night it made 20+ images overnight Lights + Darks in .fits with 5184x3456, I didn't really touch anything - strange.
This morning I tried some bias frames and saw immediately EKOS fields change to 5202x3456, then no matter what I did in either INDI or EKOS it retained this, I tried setting each image size in INDI to the smaller frame, I tried setting offsets in both INDI and EKOS which didn't work as expected, each time the exposure would reset to the larger frame size.I even tried setting Native transport in INDI and left is FITs in EKOS.

In my workflow, and when I first noticed this issue, the Lights and Darks were OK just like this session (5184x3456) but bias and flats effected by larger frame size. so it seems it is capable of retaining the smaller frames! I start every session with INDI Capture Format to 'normal JPEG' since it speeds downloads for framing (set EKOS Format to Native. The result is a 5184x3456 image Preview, then by switching in INDI to RAW capture and in EKOS to FITS it retains a 5184x3456 FITs image.

It's an ugly workaround and when I tried to repeat it this morning it failed so I'll move back to Native CR2 since this is not a big issue really, but more importantly I think for DSLR workflow are the following issues which I notice every session:-
a. Bias setting min 0.001 : cannot set it lower i.e to 1/8000 (0.000125)
b. File name suffix for exposure is always '_0_' for sub-second frames (Flats and Bias) : is useful to see file list with exposures i.e. target_000125s_
c. Temperature in filename - from exif data, I mentioned this in wishlist for 2017 but thought it fits well here too but I recognise it is probably I much larger edit than the other 2 items.

thanks, Andrew.
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dslr - image info 2 days 20 hours ago #16285

Thanks for the report, I'll investigate this and find the issue.

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dslr - image info 20 hours 43 minutes ago #16310

Ok so I just tested now. What happens is the first frame captured after connecting to the driver is always full resolution. Subframing can occur at subsequent frames. So I took 2x Light, 2x Bias..etc at 5000x3000 and all resolutions were retained except for the very first frame.

Getting temperature information is not easy and varies from camera to another. Check this thread here: www.libraw.org/node/2215

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dslr - image info 13 hours 9 minutes ago #16311

Does this mean we should manually set it to 5184x3456 and throw away the first image?

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