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I forgot to give you more info ..
Canon 1100D on at65 (no lens canon), so no autofocus
Bulb mode on
I've been using the camera for 2 years, never had problems ...
I did 3 photo nights the first week of August, all right
In the meantime I did only the indi ... ages made in the night of the other night ...
Today I try with the virtual machine version without updating then I'll tell you


Ps: excuse for google english ... :-)


Paolo Casarini created a new topic ' Error canon with preview' in the forum. 1 week ago

I came out for a night of shots ... I connect all the equipment with ecos and everything ok
But when I do the preview ecos gives me a mistake and tells me to look indi
In my log window I return this error:

2017-08-14T19: 34: 24: Exposure failed to save image ... Directory not found
2017-08-14T19: 34: 24: Error downloading image from camera: Directory not found
2017-08-14T19: 34: 23: Starting 1 sec exposure

I tried restarting, changing the directory, updating drivers indi, changing usb cable, but nothing ...
What can it be?

Thank you


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