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I have calibration fail with my G-11, too. The experience that I have made is this: When I activate SUBFRAME, calibration will fail almost all of the time (it did work on rare occasions). I then deactivate SUBFRAME, calibrate again and it works 100% of the time. No change in hard- or software whatsoever. I have no idea why that should be the case as I can see the guide star move exactly as it is supposed to, no backlash at all. So the only recommandation that I can give is to deactivate SUBFRAME in case that hasn't been done already.


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1. Why did it take you several days to find how to start multiple drivers on an INDI server? Was it lack of documentation? If it was, can you please make a summary for new users on the procedure and we'll publish it here in the documentation?

It was lack of documentation. At the time the popup help did not yet work as it does now. I did several search queries in the support forum but didn't find my question answered. I assume it is documented now but will check this later today.

2. Losmandy Gemini is the overall type.. we can't have Losmandy G-8, G-11...etc. as it would clutter the already cluttered menu.

The fact that the device and their respective drivers are named differently did cause confusion.

3. Of course there would be two layers of configuration. Because you are using two separate software packages. If you used INDI with any other client (e.g. SkyCharts), it would have its own client-side configurations. INDI configurations are related to the actual driver.

I believe that's the programmer's point of view. As a new user of Ekos I don't know what the underlying architecture looks like. Currently the first layer of configuration is in Ekos and sorted application wise while the second layer is found elsewhere (Indi) and is sorted device wise. This is different from what a user is used to and would expect. Imagine we could set *all* settings in Ekos (Ekos simply "forwarding" the Indi-related settings to Indi). The more important/prominent settings could reside in their respective application tabs (guiding, capturing, solving, etc.) while the less important ones would only appear in the same tab once an "ALL setttings" button is pressed much like it is done in VLC, for instance. Indi would remain unchanged and could continue to serve as the foundation for a whole suite of clients while Ekos users would find all settings in the "most logic" place. "Exposure time" as well as "Gain" in the capture tab. That's where I need it (and as a new user would expect it). Nobody would have to know the former is a true "Ekos settting" while the latter is an Indi based one.


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Wow. Absolutely stunning. Congratulations!


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Ok, I agree with PK but having two options is not a bad thing either. In any case, shouldn't these two configuration boxes be placed close to each other?
Would it be time-consuming to plot the settling phase in the drift graphics (like it's done with dithering) so a user could clearly see whether a certain guiding aberration has an effect on a photo?


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So, what IS this "other" tick box guiding/options/guide actually doing?

Tonight I noticed kstars reporting settle times of 0.3s regardless of what I set the settle time to.

I am of the opninion taking pictures is the core task that Ekos performs. Everything related to this core competency should run reliably and all bugs reported should be ironed out. Dithering is a standard procedure in astrophotography and I am surprised to see there are still many things that are in need of improvement in this regard.

One improvement could be: Drift graphics should also plot when the system is settling and when it is actually taking pictures. The guiding deviation that occurs during dither and settling are irrelevant for rms and should be disregarded.

I am willing to devote as much time for testing as needed. Unfortunately, the one thing that I can not do is make changes to the code on my own. I am currently working through in order to get at least SOME knowledge and become able to read and understand the code but it will take a long time before I know what I am doing so in the meantime testing is all I can offer.


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I assume you have to wait for the NEXT nightly to be built before you can update and fix your problem. That should happen within the next 24 hours.


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