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At the same exhibition yet another design of an Alt-Az telescope mount with an optional (limited angle) field de-rotator, obviously aimed at easy and lightweight portability as well as at a short start up time (from unpacking to first capture said to be less than 10min).
The website gives no adequate impression of the complete mount but only shows its components.

My impression looking at the mount was that of an high quality industrial product - with fast and almost noiseless slewing capabilities and an interestingly designed hand controller.

Just having looked at it i can say nothing about its performance and precision of tracking.
Until now computer control only via ASCOM. I suggested they (the producers) should take a look at KStars/EKOS/INDI. ;-)


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Hi Andreas,
thanks for Your information.
I had come across their homepage a couple of months ago, and after Your hint, returned there.
It does look promising. However, they seem to be still working on their beta version.
Definite technical data I could not find and INDI support is not mentioned, either. ;-)
So, at present, it is not really an option for our publicly supported observatory. :-(


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We are still investigating on the amount of work and money that has to be invested in the change from stepper to servo motors.
Until now no other servo controller but the Sitech Controller II has shown up but at least we found an installation in Germany which we contacted in the meantime.
In case we decide to go for the SiTech we will certainly tackled the driver issue! ;-)


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Does anyone know of an INDI compatible servo controller for a heavy duty mount (> 100kg optical load)?

Until recently the mount of our public observatory has been driven by 4A stepper motors and a Littlefoot stepper controller. The latter has given up working and we are looking for a new controller.

Since the maximum slew speed with the steppers is only about 60x we intend to change to a closed loop servo motor system such as the [url=http://www.siderealtechnology.com/store.html[/url] (scroll down to => Servo Controller II ). However, the SiTech Servo Controller II at this time seems not to be supported by INDI. (There is a document on the Sidereal Technology Servo Controller Command Set which probably could be the base for driver development. ;-) )

If anyone has any experience with the SiTech or any other (preferably INDI supported) servo controller please tell us.



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No, I have not got the Firewire cam to work using video4linux (v4l2). From what I found in the internet there is no support for this camera in v4l.
However, using Coriander as standalone application I managed to capture planetary video streams in Kubuntu.
For EKOS integrated functions such as guiding I instead use a QHY Cam.



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Has anyone a working installation of a firewire camera? Specifically using the above mentioned DMK21AF04?

The camera is functional (Kubuntu 16.10, kstars-bleeding, last update) using the Coriander Software . Coriander receives the raw video frames, displays and saves them to a predefined directory.
However, trying to propagate the video stream (in coriander) to video4linux fails with

Error: unable to open device. VIDIOC_QUERYCAP error 25, Inappropriate ioctl for device

The same error appears when trying to connect to the DMK21AF04 in EKOS.
I don't think it is an INDI specific problem, so I don't add any log files. ;-)

If anyone has a working installation I would appreciate any hints on what to try.


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The ISO issue is a bug in gphoto. It happens when the ISO value is to be set to the current value in the camera. Same problem exists with shutter speed.
A colleague of mine and I came across these (and other) bugs when further testing the two Sony cameras (A7S and A7II) we have access to.
Presently I am working on a bash script to preconfigure all necessary config settings for deep sky photography such as exposure program, aspect ratio, focus mode, capture mode, image size, image quality etc. (This is to save me time at the telescope trying to figure out why the heck the camera does not work as expected! ;-) )

Code corrections for ISO, shutter speed and aspect ratio settings (the latter reported wrong from gphoto) already have been sent to the gphoto maintainers. They will be implemented in gphoto version 2.5.12 (or may be in 2.5.13).

Only problem for plain KStars/INDI users will be to get a most recent version compiled. IIRC the momentary version of gphoto2 with (K)Ubuntu is 2.5.9.

We are also addressing the problem of changing shutter speed back from bulb to values equal/shorter than 30 secs. This will help You (us) with taking bias frames.
And we are expecting life view option with the Sonys soon: github.com/gphoto/libgphoto2/issues/123
Wow, this is going fast! Just read in the above thread "todays git now has sony live view support thanks to @elijahparker". If I understand correctly this is supposed to work for all A7x (Mark 1 and Mark 2).

Who can supply us with a gphoto version from the lastest git ?



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