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I would be very interested to know if it works on a Pi 3, as a Pi model B can't handle the USB data rate with a WiFi dongle plugged in.


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OK, I can either make the driver avialble separately or try to include it in the latest build.What's the best way to do this?


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i've been playing with developing a new INDI driver for my Nightscape 8300 CCD.

Is there a standard method in DefaultDevice or CCD that gets called only on process start, before Connect()? I know initProperties() is called before Connect() but that seems to be for property values, not general initialization (and I don't know if it could ever be called more than once during a driver process's lifetime).

I know it's a weird request but I would like to be able to make my driver setuid root (I know, I know) and drop root privileges ASAP after start.
This is done to with the process priorities and realtime scheduling (not permitted as a normal user) .

I've gotten around the ability to only read USB devices as root by setting up correct udev rules on Linux do change the device group ownership, but nice-ing my driver to -20 with setpriority() is a little more difficult, as this would mean i need to give my indi user realtime limits and I'd prefer to be able to run the driver process from a normal user who can't reschedule things to that degree.

This is needed as a workaround for some USB dodginess, which I'm trying to alleviate by other means as well but this seems to be a quick and admittedly 'dirty' fix.




Dirk Niggemann created a new topic ' Nighscape 8300 driver' in the forum. 2 weeks ago


Ive build a nightscape 8300 driver that's still pretty 'alpha' but perfroms fan/cooler and exposure control correctly. The image saving/downloading isn't completely stable because of some USB data transfer issues.

For stability, it needs the FTDI d2xx libraries but can run with libftdi1.

Is there any intereest in this? I know the camera is discontinued and support form Celestron limited now.

It was built based on reverse-engineering the messaging from the windows driver.

I have no idea how to run the non-KAF300 version of this.





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