I mentioned I recorded my imaging session in the chatroom during the Astro Imaging Channel in the Q&A on Single-Board-Computers in Astrophotography, featuring Jasem Mutlaq. It's a full session of a narrowband capture of the Western Veil Nebula in SII, OIII and Ha, including live videostream of the mount. Heavy use of automation is used now, but with interventions. Now dithering is enabled, Session Limits with automatic refocusing, guiding deviation. Had a meridian flip. Had to restart several times due to clouds. This is where image solving is worth gold, imagine how hard it would have been realigning the nebula on the exact same spot, after losing a guidestar several times! I started to use auto ADU count calibration on Flats, tried the polar alignment module also. This session is packed with tested and used features.

Here it is:

During the Astro Imaging Channel feed, I also had some questions (including timestamps on Youtube video):

1-:The latest version has a problem with the right-click menu in the KStars window, it disappears immediately after the right-click. I see it when Ekos drivers are connected. I have to resort to typing P to access the pop-up menu. (23h05m35: right-click pop-up menu on KStars windows disappears.)
2:-The filternames are not set at startup from the preset values I've entered previously. I have to resolve that by setting the filternames in the INDI control panel, (23h10m39: filter names are not correctly set.)
3:-Why is "the Autofocus if HFR is set" after focusing set just slightly higher than the measured HFR during focusing? Can I change this behaviour? (23h37m07: Limit Settings have been set, but Autofocus if HFR is just slightly higher.)
4-:The Limit Settings checkboxes in the CCD module becomes unchecked (01h27m13: Noticed the Limit Settings are unchecked: Why?)
5:-The tip of the V-curve is placed out of the display during focussing (02h14m16: V-curve is not showing in total.)
6:-Why is the Target setting for the file names in the CCD module not set by the Job name? (03h13m00: Why is the Target setting for the file names in the CCD module not set by the Job name?)


So, they're not hiding it... but as these things will help adoption of INDI, this is good thing.


Isn't this strangely familiar? ...something Stellarmate :-)


The specs shows the Raspberry Pi is working using INDI, so this will presumable be Indiserver running on this device.


Some observations from my part Ekos sheduler:
during a Ha, OIII session I may decide to interrupt the session to try a SII capture and notice SII data much better than expected and wanting to change my sequence queue to a SII, OIII, Ha exposures. I've noticed that it is better to create a new job without Track, Focus, Align, Guide steps, because you may trigger a meridian flip. Also I've noticed a exposure using a filter in a sequence queue is passed because these exposures were already taken and I had to create a new sequence queue. Also doing the exposures manually without the sheduler changes the names and locations trames and I had to move the files afterwards.


Also include job editing while running a schedule.


Jurgen Kobierczynski replied to the topic 'several issues in setting up robotic Ekos session' in the forum. 9 months ago

Ubuntu Astronomy packaging system was such a mess, I've decided to install Kubuntu with KStars, Phd2 and Astrometry.net included from scratch. It can be done in 1 hour only. (If you have the Astrometry index files at hand)

1: install Kubuntu 17.04
2: follow instructions until point 2 described here:
3: follow instructions for Ubuntu and Phd2 described here:
4: execute this line in preparation for the setup of Astrometry.net:
sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev libnetpbm10-dev netpbm libjpeg-dev python-numpy python-pyfits python-dev zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev swig libcfitsio-dev
5: follow the instructions of the "Grab the code" and "Build it. The short version" part located here:
6: Copy the Astrometry data files to /usr/local/astrometry/data. (Can be downloaded within KStars, see point 9)
7: Configure INDI drivers to use in Ekos and Phd2
8: Connect INDI to a running indiserver (use a simulation if needed)
9: Set in the solver module, in Options... the correct location of several files:
solver: /usr/local/astrometry/bin/solve-field
wcsinfo: /usr/local/astrometry/bin/wcsinfo
config: /usr/local/astrometry/etc/astrometry.cfg


Jurgen Kobierczynski created a new topic ' several issues in setting up robotic Ekos session' in the forum. 9 months ago


I'm in the process of setting up a fully automated robotic astrophotograph.
I still have some issues mentioned here below in the captured videos.
Can anyone take a look at them?

EKOS KStars 2.8.7 Session NGC672
48m44 paused scheduler on failed guidestar selection internal guider
51m10 changing focussing parameters (including full field enabled) focussing fails (mostly)
1h09m10 stop scheduled jobs on alignment failing while focus module is still focussing
2h05m30 kstars crash on calibrating lin_guider + failing to autoselect guidingstar

eqmod keeps stopping sidereal tracking on reconnecting (recurring)

EKOS KStars 2.7.8 Session(2) IC405
10m56: Mount slewed inadvertently without visual indications from NCG281 (last seen on 3m17) to IC405 is there any exception rule handling ???
22m47: Autoselect in phd2 does not select a suitable star

EKOS KStars 2.7.8 Session(4) - Target framing
3m05: astrometry solver halts with "No metadata is available in this image." message on focussing subframe
23m52: job bypasses clear filter sequence (presumably already captured in a previous session, where can I inspect the state then?

Thanks in advance.


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You can take a look at this video of an actual test/demo session:

EKOS KStars 2.8.7 Session NGC672

INDI on multiple devices usage
Persistent USB device mapping
Observation planner
Focussing Solving + Syncing EQMod
Guiding configuration
Phd2 guiding
Lin_guider guiding
PID parameter configuration



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