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I have successfully setup a RPi 3 with KStars (full) and Ekos and tried it out briefly last night. I had always assumed that I needed a USB powered hub to connect peripherals to Pi, but out of interest I tried connecting the following straight to the Pi3's USB ports *without* any USB hub, and with a 2A power supply:
- Canon 450D DSLR (has its own power)
- QHY5L II Mono (drawing power from the Pi)
- EQDir (EQMod) cable (no power as the mount has its own power source)

With this setup, it appeared as though everything was actually working fine without the need for a powered USB hub. I was wondering if this sounds about right or whether I am missing something and definitely do need to put a USB in between the PI and peripherals?


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Thanks knro, that answers both questions clearly :)


Feilim Breatnach created a new topic ' GPhoto Version Query' in the forum. 1 month ago

Hi, when I install indi-full which comes with indi-gphoto, do I also need to separately install libgphoto2 from their website in order to have latest libgphoto version? Or does this somehow come bundled with indi-gphoto?

Sorry one other query - in the Alignment Module, should it be possible to enable Binning for Canon DSLR? The last time I had Ekos running with indi-gphoto, the binning option was grayed out, the only workaround seemed to be for me to go to the Image Info config of gphoto and eg. half the number of pixels for width and height, but I thought that the binning should be allowed?


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A huge thanks to Jasem and all of the Ekos ecosystem dev team for this massive upgrade. I have not had a chance to try it out yet, but I've watched the YouTube videos and as a software dev myself can appreciate the massive workload that must have gone into thus release.

Well done to all on this wonderful software and I am really looking forward to running it out in the field.


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Many thanks knro,

I will probably email ToupTek in any case just to suggest the ARM driver and whether they have considered / have any plans for an Indi driver.

In the absence of this support, can you offer any advice on guiding camera(s) which have functioning Indi drivers on eg. Raspberry Pi / other ARM variants? I thought I read in a recent topic about an issue with the ASI120 cameras on ARM also but am not certain.


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Hello, I am looking into a purchasing my (first ever) guiding camera which will be used in a 50mm mini guide scope. My indi server is running on an Odroid U2 ARM device with Ubuntu Mate 16.04.

I was wondering if anyone has had any success or know of any Indi driver development for the following camera:
ToupTek GCMOS (www.touptek.com/product/showproduct.php?lang=en&id=137)

I have read fairly good things about them, and they use the same sensor as in the ASI120MM but are available for a lower cost.

ToupTek provide Linux drivers and an SDK (see: www.touptek.com/download/showdownload.php?lang=en&id=28), although their current driver appears to be for x86 / x86_64 architectures so I'm not sure whether ARM support is out of the question (for eg. Raspberry Pi, Odroid variants).

Otherwise, can anyone recommend an alternative guiding camera which has Indi driver support on ARM architectures (Raspberry Pi & Odroid) ?

Many thanks for any advice!


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Many thanks for the info knro, I will get my hardware up and running in the next few weeks (Canon 450d, Microsoft webcam for guiding and Celestron mount) and see how it goes with the drivers.


Feilim Breatnach created a new topic ' Odroid U2 / Indiserver Query' in the forum. 8 months ago

Hello all,

My first post here - I've been out of the astrophotography loop for quite a few years (I was last using film and SLRs) but recently decided to get back into the hobby / science.

I have an Odroid U2 device and have been reading about the Indi project and the ability to run indiserver on Raspberry Pi got me thinking I could install it on the Odroid U2 also. I just successfully flashed a Ubuntu 16.04 Mate image to my Odroid-U2, and was wondering if I am correct in the following:

I can install indi libraries / indiserver as per the 'Ubuntu' installation instructions here:

*Or* do I need to custom compile the indiserver / indi drivers on the Odroid U2 itself?

Also, one other quick question - can anyone point me in the direction of where to see a full listing of all of the indi drivers, ie. effectively the strings I pass in after the [$indiserver ...] command?

Kind regards,
FĂ©ilim - Ireland



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