Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'QHY163 in INDI' in the forum. 6 days ago

Is there any progress with QHY163 camera?


Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'QHY9s CFW2-s filter wheel unable to reach 1st possition' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Now it's working perfectly. Thanks a lot.


Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'Dithering is not executed with external lin_guider' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

Great, looking forward trying it.


Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'Dithering is not executed with external lin_guider' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

Didn't mention it earlier but I run whole Kstars on RPi, not just server. Only QHY9s is physically present and mounted, rest are simulators (telescope, focuser, guidecam) and guiding QHY5L-ii-m stays unconnected as being used by Lin guider. I'll try tonight with some changes and maybe keep an eye on it for a while... it's windy anyway.

btw QHY9 filterwheel still gives me requested filter +1 making unreachable 1st filter (1st returns #2, 2nd returns #3, 3rd returns #4, 4th returns #5 and 5th returns confirmation of #5 with ordinary delay but without rotating filters leaving effectively last called filter in the path). There must be some tiny hitch in the code since filterwheel works fine in EZCAP.

One last think why I prefer LG to integrated guiding interface. There is full manual control over gain and white point in linguider but in INDI it's running on auto. When there is significant change in star contrast/brightness Kstars freezes for a while when processing last image and eventually loosing guiding star or making panic corrections => guiding aborted. also reticule in LG is user-friendly as I can mark position of guide star and return there later after making some work around the mount (like fixing hand controller as last night) and it shows directions of RA and DEC.


Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'Dithering is not executed with external lin_guider' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

same here. calibration is successful but when first dithering is ordered it throws this "timeout error" and actually does not proceed to next shot until manual intervention. Thus I gave up on dither to collect at least some data during the night. Pity as linguider gives superior guiding performance to integrated guider(at least calibration actually works there).

Or like today for some reason during exposing 4th shot I came to the rig, checked via VNCviewer how is it going (I looked at guiding tab and examined 3th frame in FITSviewer) - all good, and when I returned 4 hours later indi was still downloading 4th frame (btw download takes no more than10s). So after first useful clear night this year I have just 3 frames and heaps of frustration. I guess there might be a hitch in some settings but can't find where. When I start imaging I get question something like "image transfer disabled, wanna unable (or opposite)?" so I click yes and shooting starts but at least this last time for first picture only, than I had to restart shooting and after 3 shots it happened again. Don't understand what is it asking. there are only 2 devices connected: QHY9 and RPi3. No client, nothing else (not counting VNCviewer and guider).


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Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'indi_qhy_ccd segfault (QHY 5L-II mono)' in the forum. 3 months ago

I experienced INDI crashing issue under the most recent stable Kubuntu. Everything worked fine before on other machines and software. For a while I solved the problem by using Lin-Guider instead of internal guiding utility. Now I switched to Ubuntu MATE and problem disappeared. Laptop and other hardware is identical.

Ubuntu Mate has also other advantage - it's available in several variants supporting various hardware, including Raspberry Pi (see latest tutorial - it's really working and last test I made proved usable response, download time for QHY9s is around 10s which is almost as fast as download time on fast notebook: core i7, 8GB RAM...).


Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'Troubles with QHY driver on ARM device' in the forum. 3 months ago

Actually I'm having same crashing problem on normal 64 laptop. Running new Kubuntu 16.04, Kstars and indi (everything installed today on Lenovo T420s) and QHY9s works but QHY 5L-II-M causes crash of indiserver when I try to expose. That didn't happen on my other netbook before (otherwise same setup) and QHY 5L is working fine when plugged into RPi 3 running Indiserver and accessed from same Lenovo machine.

And still filter wheel on QHY9s is giving wrong filters as mentioned before but working fine in QHYsoftware.


Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'My DIY Focuser with AstroBerry' in the forum. 4 months ago

for using astroberry piface drivers which expansion board is necessary? "Piface digital" or "piface relay+" or "piface relay extra"?
My plan is to build up focuser with stepper motor. I'm more familiar using Arduino and stepper motor driver but don't know how to link it to INDI libraries.


Jan Hruby replied to the topic 'QHY9s CFW2-s filter wheel unable to reach 1st possition' in the forum. 4 months ago

just tested in EZCAP and I can select all 5 filters and return to No#1 without any problem. On the other hand ASCOM does not recognize filter wheel at all.


Jan Hruby created a new topic ' QHY9s CFW2-s filter wheel unable to reach 1st possition' in the forum. 4 months ago

I'm trying to run my astro imaging setup (EQ-5/HEQ5, QHY9s and QHY5L for guinding) with RPi3 running indiserver and controlling it remotely from an old Acer Aspire one 255 netbook. Raspberry is running most recent raspbian and Acer most recent Kubuntu. I failed to install libraries and drives on Acer, actually the only machine I managed was Raspberry... The main purpose of this is that I didn't like ASCOM platform - chaotic, dozen small windows overlaying each other and unstable under astroart (freezing).

Filter wheel is connected to QHY9 camera and at connection the wheel runs through all positions and stops at No#1 (correct behavior according to manual). If I choose filter from dropbox:
#1 returns filter 2
#2 returns filter 3
#3 returns filter 4
#4 returns filter 5
#5 returns NOTHING
#6 ~ 9 returns nothing (filter wheel has 5 possitions)

After I change the filter I cannot reach No#1 anymore.

Is it a bug or can I fix it somewhere?

I have one more issue with EKOS - window is too tall so I cannot see the very bottom. Are there any buttons under progress bar in CCD tab? Netbook is running at 1024x600px resolution and there is no simple way how to blow it up in Kubuntu.



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