Stephen replied to the topic 'What would you like to see in Ekos in 2017?' in the forum. 1 week ago

Thank you for such as great project. Using Kstars and Ekos on RPI3 is improving. Some thoughts:

1. A stable release label and bleeding edge label to help control when to update (supporting already mentioned idea)
2. Imaging camera view with telescope control to help frame shots, without a focuser; helps to capture two objects when not just centring with plate-solving
3. No slewing option with scheduler - Celestron precise goto often can frame shot nicely, and would be good to just start sequences when it is a newly frame sequence.
4. Separate build of Ekos from Kstars (supporting already mentioned idea)
5. Ability to use another planetarium, like SkySafari. Currently can use both Kstars and Skysafari at same time as long as INDIserver is not stopped/restarted or such.



Stephen replied to the topic 'setting up backlash' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

pauledd wrote:

I recently had a chance to try it with guiding calibration. If you have a guidescope you can do a calibration and while calibrating
just observe how long/many pulses it takes to see the star move....

I have had some trouble with backlash. Are you doing this setting within the INDI settings for the mount, or via the Mount itself such as the hand controller?

Thank you



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