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No such thing as too long of a post as long as the content is good :)

I do look forward to trying out the EkosLive for focus when I am focusing the manual stuff like the guide camera. For the polar align it could be handy too. For now I run a different copy of kstars/Ekos on a laptop with wifi to connect to the INDI drivers on the mount computer. This works fairly well, but having the image on a phone screen would be quite nice.

I, too, have not even looked at the hand controller for the HDX (nor for the EQ-G for that matter). Not sure I would know how to use them. Before the EQ-G even arrived, I had the cable for direct connect. I have a spare now too, just in case, and fortunately the same cable works for both the HDX and the EQ-G.

The GPS unit attaches to the mount directly from what I can tell, so it probably won't work with gpsd. Some day I will play with it, maybe.

Have you just used it as it came out of the box? The lash on this one seems quite good. PEC might tell me more perhaps, but so far I have not seen any need for adjustment.


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I would like to open a general discussion about the HDX-110 (Orion) . EQ-8 mount. This mount has been available for a while now, but I have recently received the plates to attach mine to my pier. This thing is a beast in a good way, but has some differences from my previous Sirius EQ-G. I am hoping my questions and ponderings might help others that have are might be considering this mount.

Let's get started with some first perceptions.

I knew it was large. My scope sits about 2-3 inches higher than it did with my EQ-G. Everything about it is larger and heavier, which makes sense given it's weight handling ability. I have it mounted on a 12" concrete pier. The handles are in a nice place for moving it around making its weight seem not quite as bad. I still would not want to use this as my portable mount setup.

I used Ekos to do the polar alignment (of course), doing a bounce east/west method. Solve to the east, make adjustments, solve to the west, make adjustments, solve to the west average the adjustment, solve back to the east average the adjustments. This got me to a 22 arc second repeatable alignment.

- First question then, for anyone that has this mount, how close to 0 did you strive for, and what were you able to achieve?

I then did a two-star alignment and started to jump around to different objects. I had a good bit of trouble with the scope pointing all sorts of places it should not have been when selecting the two stars. On a hunch, I thought perhaps there was some junk left in the EQMod settings from the Sirisu configuration. I completely removed all my stored settings for INDI eqmod, and restarted. After I figured that out, I was very happy with the go-to through kstars. Things were appearing right in the center of the frame. I then tried a test that my Sirius sometimes struggled with. Go-to with a meridian flip. I was shocked at how well it did. I used to capture, solve, and sync another point when doing this because the Sirius would be off a bit. The HDX put objects in the center of the frame flip after flip. Since I was in experiment mode, I decided to try the auto position button. This seemed to find home without any trouble at all, and I set my Park position from the auto-home.

I didn't get a lot of capturing done the first night as I was too busy playing around, but when I did try tracking, it had no trouble staying under 1 arc second RMS, and netted this image of M8 after processing about 30 images with APP: www.flickr.com/photos/howarj/28493187747...m-72157691903804075/

Last night I had about enough clear sky to capture 30 frames of M20 before the clouds came in, again processed with APP: Flickr M20 July 16

Question 2. I know what PEC is, and some about how it works. What I don't know is how it works with INDI/Ekos. How to train it and use it during a session? Where can I find more out (besides source code, of course)?

Question 3. I bought this 2nd hand, and it came with the GPS module. Is this module supported through the eqmod driver? I have not tried using it yet as I have a USB puck unit on the pier already. I would like to move the puck to the portable setup though if the HDX GPS works.

Finally, who all has one of these? I know @knro does. Surely there are others out there. What tricks have you learned?



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It does seem to do this, and overlays the next image histogram on the previous (sometimes?)

Sometimes colors seem to go missing from the histogram as well.

It also gives me a completely white image when I apply the logarithmic function, until the next image arrives. Mostly I get the colors balanced for the exposure, and then forget the histogram exists.

It falls into the category of inconvenient, but I understand time is needed elsewhere and I am not currently able to code well enough to consider a PR, so I work around the issues I have with it, and keep going.


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knro wrote: Once guiding is resumed, capture is also resumed. It's not the case?

This has worked fine for me, and is a great feature. I have some sounds set up so I know when it stops capture and when it starts again.


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@pug916 I loaded some of my FITS files into imageJ to view the header, and it does look like everything is there that should be needed. Have you asked Mabula to take a look at this thread? He is quite responsive.


SIMPLE  =                    T / file does conform to FITS standard             
BITPIX  =                   16 / number of bits per data pixel                  
NAXIS   =                    2 / number of data axes                            
NAXIS1  =                 4656 / length of data axis 1                          
NAXIS2  =                 3520 / length of data axis 2                          
EXTEND  =                    T / FITS dataset may contain extensions            
COMMENT   FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) format is defined in 'Astronomy
COMMENT   and Astrophysics', volume 376, page 359; bibcode: 2001A&A...376..359H 
BZERO   =                32768 / offset data range to that of unsigned short    
BSCALE  =                    1 / default scaling factor                         
[b]INSTRUME= 'ZWO CCD ASI1600MC-Cool' / CCD Name[/b]                                   
TELESCOP= 'EQMod Mount'        / Telescope name                                 
OBSERVER= 'Unknown '           / Observer name                                  
OBJECT  = 'M8-Lagoon'          / Object name                                    
EXPTIME =         3.000000E+01 / Total Exposure Time (s)                        
CCD-TEMP=            -1.51E+01 / CCD Temperature (Celsius)                      
PIXSIZE1=         3.800000E+00 / Pixel Size 1 (microns)                         
PIXSIZE2=         3.800000E+00 / Pixel Size 2 (microns)                         
XBINNING=                    1 / Binning factor in width                        
YBINNING=                    1 / Binning factor in height                       
FRAME   = 'Light   '           / Frame Type                                     
FILTER  = 'Lum     '           / Filter                                         
[b]XBAYROFF=                    0 / X offset of Bayer array                        
YBAYROFF=                    0 / Y offset of Bayer array                      
BAYERPAT= 'GRBG    '           / Bayer color pattern[/b]                            
FOCALLEN=             6.54E+02 / Focal Length (mm)                              
<location data removed>
AIRMASS =         2.522428E+00 / Airmass                                        
OBJCTRA = '18 03 50.48'        / Object J2000 RA Sexigesimal                    
OBJCTDEC= '-24 20 44.03'       / Object J2000 DEC Sexigesimal                   
RA      =         1.806402E+01 / Object J2000 RA                                
DEC     =        -2.434556E+01 / Object J2000 DEC                               
EQUINOX =                 2000 / Equinox                                        
CRVAL1  =     2.7096031948E+02 / CRVAL1                                         
CRVAL2  =    -2.4345562673E+01 / CRVAL1                                         
RADECSYS= 'FK5     '           / RADECSYS                                       
CTYPE1  = 'RA---TAN'           / CTYPE1                                         
CTYPE2  = 'DEC--TAN'           / CTYPE2                                         
CRPIX1  =     2.3280000000E+03 / CRPIX1                                         
CRPIX2  =     1.7600000000E+03 / CRPIX2                                         
SECPIX1 =     1.1986850002E+00 / SECPIX1                                        
SECPIX2 =     1.1986850002E+00 / SECPIX2                                        
CDELT1  =     3.3296805562E-04 / CDELT1                                         
CDELT2  =     3.3296805562E-04 / CDELT2                                         
CROTA1  =     2.7621400000E+02 / CROTA1                                         
CROTA2  =     2.7621400000E+02 / CROTA2                                         
DATE-OBS= '2018-07-12T05:39:40.889Z' / UTC start date of observation            
COMMENT Generated by INDI                                                       
GAIN    =                  75. / Gain                                           



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Very handy, I have this exact same issue. Thanks!


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I currently tell APP to force CFA and give it the bayer pattern for my 1600. It would be nice to have it do this automatically because sometimes I forget to set that and it can waste a lot of time depending on when I finally catch it. It is not a habit for me because I also have the mono version where no extra settings are needed.


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