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Thank you for your quick reply.

As "nmac" suggested I looked in the 85-qhy.rules file and could not see the 1856:0113 id.

I downloaded / installed the new drivers (not EKOS)
sudo apt-get install indi-full
(version 1.4~201704191519~ubuntu16.04.1)
it notified 1 upgrade.

However EKOS didn't recognise the ORION camera.
I looked again in de 85-qhy.rules after the update and could not find an addition of the 1856:0113 rule.

Was i to quick with my download and was it not yet implemented or is it something else ?

Kind Regards


Verhoef created a new topic ' QHY (SSPIG orion) not recognised by EKOS' in the forum. 1 year ago


As a new user i have installed the KSTARS EKOS on a pi 3 working as a local machine.
I followed the ubuntu-mate & EKOS on Raspberry Pi Beginner Tutorial - great work !

- My Canon DSLR was recognised as prime camera.
However :
- My Orion SSPIG guider is not recognised when I select the QHY. I tried with/without powerd USB HUB. The USB HUB was recognised.

From the terminal I get the following VID/PID information for the guide camera:
Bus 1 Device 13 1856:0113

Could it be a driver issue or being a new user, did I do something stupid

Kind regards,



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