Eric replied to the topic 'Perro Astro Skycenter focuser' in the forum. 11 months ago

Thanks a lot Kaczorek,
That looks very interesting. I'll gonna check it out, and let You know about progress.


Eric created a new topic ' Perro Astro Skycenter focuser' in the forum. 11 months ago

I'm getting into INDO World, with a Raspberry 3 setup.
I'm hanging on the setup of the Focuser. It's a French designed system which works through a little box called Skycenter. This box has connection for Mount control, and Focuser amongst other.
Currently, I only have the Focuser motor connected to the box. the box is USB wired to a hub (Belkin), and the Hub connected to the Raspberry by USB.

There is no driver available for this Skycenter box currently available. But the Focuser should be ROBOFOCUS compatible stepper motor, according the manufacturer.

I wonder if there is anybody around which was possibly working on this box and INDI? (French user's? any help?)

Here a link for reference:
Sorry, it's only in French..



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