Detlef replied to the topic 'indi_getprop issue. Some prop are displayed twice' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I just stambled over the same issue. Seems all values which can be set are reported twice.
For the filter wheels: The simulator reports both the same values for each filter slot, but for ATIK EFW2 the values are different. The first contains the correct (means the value which was set) and the second contains the default value. Unfortunately the second (=last) value is returned when examing a single element, which is the wrong value then.
So ... I'ld say this is a bug :unsure: :S



Detlef created a new topic ' Trouble with two CCDs and one filter wheel' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I am running one CCD Cam with a filter wheel connected and one other CCD without filter wheel simultanously on two scopes.
I did not find a solution in ECOS to avoid the selection of the filter wheel when capturing with the ccd having no filter wheel. The filter wheel is selected automatically in any case even if I create a profile without filter wheel (ccd only). Is there a possibility to deselect the filter wheel option? It now changes the filter of the other ccd when capturing, which is not intended.
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