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Here is the C# code on github:


Lynx created a new topic ' Moonlite clone focuser not work on MacOS' in the forum. 6 months ago

Hi all, I build this focuser
It worked ok on linux machine, but when I try to use it on a MacBook, kstars can't connect to it and print this message:

2017-11-20T05:52:32: [INFO] Error retreiving data from MoonLite, please ensure MoonLite controller is powered and the port is correct. 
2017-11-20T05:52:32: [ERROR] updatePostion error: Timeout error.
I read the log file, it seems that kstars can't open the serial port. After I replug the focuser, log shows that connection is ok, but handshake failed.
At the same time, I use another computer connect to the focuser's debug serial, it shows that the focuser dose not receive any thing from kstars.
But I can use Arduino ide's terminal connect to the focuser on MacBook , and it deal the commands correct.
So what can I do to identify where is the problem? thx


Lynx created a new topic ' About manual focuser lost focus' in the forum. 8 months ago

I have found that if using autofocus, there is an option "Autofocus if HFR >", it's quite useful.
But if I use a manual focuser, is it possible to make some alarm when ekos found that the focuser lost focus?
I think it can be a highlight for ekos. :)


Lynx created a new topic ' How to add i18n support for macOS?' in the forum. 9 months ago

I know that on linux i18n files can put in the path /usr/share/locale/LC_MESSAGE/xxx.yyy where xxx.yyy is the current locale name.
But on macOS I try to do this, it dose not work.
So I want to know where to put i18n files on macOS?
thx very much.



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