Moreau Francis replied to the topic 'File timestamping in Ekos' in the forum. yesterday

Thank you for your reactivity :)
I'm not sure I'm competent enough to compile the sources so I'll wait for the next release of the driver to be available.
Concerning the command "sudo setcap cap_sys_time=ep /bin/date", when should it be launched and should it be done with each new session?


Moreau Francis created a new topic ' File timestamping in Ekos' in the forum. 3 days ago

To workaround the lack of a system clock on the RPi, I use the NMEA GPS indi driver (associated with an android app). The exact time and position are thus updated in Ekos, which is perfect.
However, file timestamping is always based on system clock.
Would it be possible to make Ekos evolve so that its internal time is taken into account in the timestamp?


Moreau Francis created a new topic ' Dark frame (how to reset internal shutter status?)' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

when I first used the capture in the guiding tab, I checked "Dark". Ekos asked me if my CCD had an internal shutter. I inadvertently said "yes" when it didn't have one.
Since then, it has been impossible to change this state. How to do this?



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