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Just did so, James. Gotta tell you, this thing is the most promising control protocol I have yet encountered. You have done a wonderful job with this. Many thanks!


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Hello, All:

I purchased the Stellarmate OS after a month or two of trying to put all the software on a Pi. No programmer, me. The OS is a great solution and I am making progress. But some questions:

1. I currently have the Pi set up with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse for testing. But when I click on the Software Updater icon nothing happens. Not sure if that is reserved for future of what.

2. I am running the Pi on a wired network with my Mac. I am also using a powered usb hub. My moonlite focuser works just fine from the hand controller, and though the driver seems to work (the Pi knows it is there) I get an error about the port. I recall someone changing the dev/tty/usb setting. Mine is currently dev/tty/usb0. Do I just try different numbers or what?

3. I use an Orion SSAG. There is not menu option for it. Do i simply use the Generic option? I seem to recall someone saying to use another option on the list, but cannot recall which one.

Any assistance greatly appreciated. I am almost there!



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Thanks very much for this! I have looked over the script but have not yet used it. After I reviewed your instructions I did a bit of tinkering, and suddenly, my iMac connected to the Pi over my home wireless network. Really amazing. This bit of experimenting got me moving forward.

Now I am working on getting the setup to run over an ethernet cable (I hope I can do this without a router in the mix) and get the indi web server working. For now, however, I am grateful for your assistance.



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I am trying to set up a "headless" Raspberry Pi 3 server with INDI server, reached via ethernet from my iMac. The Pi has Kstars running fine, as does the iMac. Can someone point me to a tutorial or set of instructions to make the connections. I am not technically trained but can find my way around pretty well. Thanks in advance.



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I am making good progress with INDI on a Pi3 connected to my MacBook. I am thinking about springing for a Moonlite stepper and controller for my Moonlite focuser. I assume that I need the Moonlite controller, and that its functionality is not duplicated in the INDI setup?


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Hi. Jack the Noob here. I have a dark sky observatory in Georgia, USA. I am a "Mac Guy" and have been trying to find solutions that avoid Windows. My recent research on INDI and Ekos suggests that these applications would solve a number of problems I have been working on. So, if you will indulge a total Noob ...

1. I put a Raspberry Pi on my pier / mount with a powered USB to handle UBS connections to cameras, focusers, and such.

2. I install INDI server on the Pi, with drivers for all of my equipment at the pier / mount.

3. I install Stars / Ekos on my Mac inside my warmup room some 20 feet from the pier.

4. I figure out how to connect Ekos on the Mac in the warm up room to the Pi / INDI server on the pier / mount via wireless or an ethernet cable.

5. I boot the Pi and the Mac, fire up Ekos, and use it to connect to the Pi's INDI server.

6. Thenceforth, when I issue a command in Ekos (warm and toasty inside), it commands INDI and its connected devices (outside in the cold).

The resolution on the Mac with Ekos remains the same? The delay time is not that slow? Really? If so, wow!

Thanks for any insights!




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