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I have started a thread on the ZWO ASI forum to address this issue: ASIGetExpStatus 250+ ms delay on Linux asking for assistance in diagnosing the delays.


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While I do not do many exposures under 1 second, I am interested in the ASI indi driver, and so I added some timers to the driver and ran several tests using an ASI 174mini (USB2) and an ASI294mc (USB3).

What I found surprised me.

With an exposure of 0.000032 seconds the driver spent on average over 300,000 usecs (0.3 second) polling ASIGetExpStatus. It only only spent around 18,000 usecs (18 msecs) downloading the image via USB2 at 40% bandwidth.

I tried again with an exposure of 0.5 and got the same results overhead.

When the remaining exposure time drops to (or starts) below 1.1 seconds the indi ASI driver calls ASIGetExpStatus every 10,000 usecs (10 msecs), and for the shortest exposures this function is called over 30 times each, and for a half second exposures it is called over 85 times each.

I then repeated the tests with an ASI294MC in 8 bit mode and the image size reduced to the same as that of the 174 and saw the same overhead.

This implies to me that there is a consistent delay or overhead in either the ASI provided SDK or the ASI camera firmware.

I recommend starting a thread on the ASI forum -- in fact I will do so tomorrow (after searching if any related threads).


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I see that I introduced this bug. I tested the code using the ST4 port on an ASI174mini, but I was doing so on my Losmandy Titan, which still needed its worm block adjusted, and I put down the bad RMS to that, rather than a copy and paste error in the code!

Thanks for finding and fixing this.


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My ROR observatory is about 50 meters from my house, and I have a Celestron Edge 1100HD mounted on a Losmandy Titan GEQ. The primary imaging camera is an ASI294MC Pro, and the OAG camera is an ASI174mini. The focuser is a Moonlite instruments with a stepper motor and controller.

The mount, cameras and focuser are all controlled by Indi from a small fan less Intel x64 based system connected to our LAN.

I go outside to open up the observatory, takeoff the scope's dust cap and put on the dew shield, after which I come back to the office and manage the evening's session from a more powerful x64 desktop system.

Both computers are running Mint Linux 18.3.

Here's a shot of the imagine train and mount:

Here's the observatory:


What were the control settings for the camera, especially the format?

Which OS are you using (and is it 32 bit or 64)?

I have been working on the asi module in a local repo and have found and corrected a handful of issues, but I do not recall seeing anything in the exposure code that would cause a crash.

If you are using 64 bit Linux I could make a debug version of the asi module available so we can pinpoint exactly where in the code the crash occurs.



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