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In an attempt to automate even more of the steps during a night of observation, i am considering to buy a flip-flat. The idea being that i can have flats being automatically taken at the end of a capturing sequence, typically at the end of the night, while I’m sleeping.
Right now I have a Neumann flat panel, and the way Ekos can do adjustment of shutter-time, to reach pre-defined ADU is already a big help. But I still have to get out to put the panel on the scope and fiddle with extra pieces of paper to adjust brightness for luminance, which makes it an extra thing to do in the morning, rather than automatic during the night.
My question is: the INDI driver can set all the parameters of the flip-flat like Alnitak’s own software. But does the driver do all this (close flip-flat, turn on EL panel, adjust brightness according to filter settings and start auto-exposure) automatically as soon as I instruct Ekos to take a flat?
If there are any users out there who have the flip-flat, and willing to share their experiences, that would be highly appreciated.
Also, what would be an expected exposure duration for h-alpha 5nm Filter at maximum gain?

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Apologies for asking this question, as this has probably come up several times before, but I cant seem to find the answer. I'd like to install the new INDI Library 1.7.0 on my Mac, but how do I do that? So far I have only been able to find installation links to either Cloudmakers (who still is on 1.6.0) and KStars (which is still 2.9.3, a version that came out with a previous INDI library).
Is there a way I can install the tar-balls on my mac with terminal commands? Or do I have to wait until a new Mac version of KStars is released with the updated drivers?
Alternatively, I run a local Linux machine at the telescope and manage remote. Is there a problem if I install on that remote Linux the latest INDI drivers, and control KStars remotely from my Macbook with the old drivers?
Any installation tips, or pointer to some instructions would be very helpful.

Willem Jan.


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Thank you Jasem,
So that is the solution for building a sequence queue with different gain settings per row. Thank you for pointing to the esq files, as I had not used those before.
On my first point, is there any other way to set the gain than in the INDI panel, the answer seems to be no.
I've adopted the habit of keeping the INDI panel side by side the Ekos panel open all the time anyway, just to keep an eye on things in INDI that may not always be obvious elsewhere, so it's not a big deal. However, it does feel more logical to me to be able to set gain in the exposure module. A combined ISO/gain field, showing ISO numbers if connected to DSLR, or gain numbers if connected to CCD/CMOS camera would make sense from a user perspective.


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Depends a bit what you find most important. While downloading to laptop the system does nothing else. So if you want the fastest workflow, keep them on the rpi3. Problem is that you can’t see any of the images taken, so you can’t check whether all is ok.
Alternative that I have been using and works well, is keep them on the rpi3 and download them through ftp whenever you want to look at them. That download does not interfere with acquisition, and speed is not too critical.
It then becomes a bit of a trade-off between acquisition speed and image control. For flats you probably want the first, for 3 min exposures you may accept a 5-10sec download and see directly what’s happening.

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Is there a way to set gain in the exposure module? The only place I can find to set the gain is in the INDI driver interface.

Related to that, is it possible to make a sequence queue with different gains in different rows? There is no column showing the gain that is set, only ISO, but that does not show a number if not using DSLR. So if I change the gain in the Indi driver and add a row to the sequence queue, will it use that gain, or will it use whichever gain is set in the Indi driver at the time of taking the picture?
Using an ASI1600MMPro.


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Thank you Rob and Jasem for your answers. It helped a lot. I went for the manual installation and download option, and followed the instructions as described here:
Ekos plate solving working now on the RPi. Somewhat slower than on my Mac, but no need to download picture first over WiFi. So guess that's the trade-off.


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When I am trying to install the Astrometry indexfiles on my RPi, I get the error message as in the picture attached.
Does anyone know this message? Any hint as to how to solve it? When I click an index-file, it starts to download something, but after 100% complete this message pops up and nothing to be found on the download location.
In general, the Astrometry Options section looks quite different from the one on my Mac, where there's a separate menu for Astrometry.cfg. Also Icons as to which indexfiles are required/recommended etc. are not visible. Almost looks like something needs to be installed. For example the Astrometry.cfg files was not created at start and I had to create that myself, including the right pointer to the directory of the index-files. Does Astrometry install automatically on Ubuntu as it does on Mac, or is a manual installation/update of some components required?
Running UbuntuMATE 16.04 on RPi with KStars/Ekos installed on RPi.
Any help much appreciated.



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