Alan Mason created a new topic ' EQMOD questions' in the forum. 7 days ago

I'm fairly new to AP and INDI as well with just a few questions...

How does PEC training in EQMOD work? I've tried to enable training but without any result. Also, will it help smooth out guiding? Guiding error is averaging 0.5" per night.

Also, is there a how-to for setting horizon limits correctly?

I'm using the Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro mount

Thanks for the help guys!


Alan Mason replied to the topic 'Re:KStars 2.9.3 is released' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Ansvr is not working for me either. Only workaround afik is by adding astrometry to your auxiliary drivers and running it remotely from the pi to the windows pc.

When kstars windows would try to solve, it says it solves but then no other slew or sync command or wcs position behind the solve msg.

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