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Hello all,
I have INDI, Kstars, and Ekos installed on a RPI-3 board with my WiFi hotspot and Real VNC running and at this point I am trying to get my observatory equipment setup. In Ekos I am looking at the device packages and I cannot find the ones I need to install/configure. The equipment list on the INDI site lists most manufacturers but I don't see them in the Ekos when I want to configure them. I would hope INDI would have what I need but I am just not finding them and instructions on how to install.
Equipment I have that I need to connect to INDI. Can anyone help?
1. iOptron CEM60 mount with built-in GPS
2. Atik 414EX Mono
3. ZWO ASI 120MC guide camera
4. Starlight Xpress CoStar mono guide camera which will replace the ZWO ASI120MC camera
5. Atik EFW2 filter wheel
6. Rigel System nStep autofocuser

Thanks in advance



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