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BG- Using OSX with High Sierra 10.13.3, NEQ6 with EQ direct cable, Canon 450D, ZWO ASI120MC

1: When I hit start INDI in Ekos using the local server it says Eqmod driver failed. I can bypass this by starting a remote server in terminal with >> ./indiserver -vv ./indi_eqmod_telescope ./indi_asi_ccd
All was fine until I tried to use my Canon DSLR which connects fine using the Ekos built in server but fails with the command line one. I'm sure if it works on the terminal app it should be possible to make it work in Ekos with some knowledge?

2: I am used to aligning manually by centring a few stars with the controller this takes 5 mins. Can Ekos allow me to manually align with a list of stars in the same way? I have tried the solver but with the ZWO it fails 95% of the time .

3: Is there already a driver for remote hand controls bluetooth or similar?

Many thanks!


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Brilliant thank-you! I missed that at the start and all my google searching only threw up those manual install instructions on github. Working now perfectly :)


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Sorry I wasn't clear enough in my explanation I'm running on a mac entirely. Its all connecting to the local server started via Ekos. The instructions are just written for a RPI but no PI is involved in the setup. I followed this information but cant seem to get it working.

I have a few rpi's kicking around I hadn't considered it as an option to be honest.

On osx I have brew but there is no gsc package so I have to install it manually unless I've missed a packaged version somewhere.


kyuzumaki created a new topic ' OSX issue with GSC' in the forum. 7 days ago

I cant seem to get this working. I've used the RPI instructions compiled gsc, moved the files around as the guide says set up the GSCDAT path. The path shows up when I query with printev.

When I open kstars and try to use the ccd simulator it just shows fuzz and the ccd simulator info says [ERROR] Got no stars, is gsc installed with appropriate environment variables set ??

Not sure how to debug this further? Any suggestions?



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