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Thank you again kind sir!!!

The exact steps were to document this for someone down the track were:
1) Connect to the Stellarmate via VNC so you can setup, pair, attach to serial port the bluetooth adapter
2) double check the BT adapter is plugged into the mount and its lights are on
3) in the bluetooth drop down in Stellarmate, add the device. You'll have to pair it (mine shoestring device has a default of "1234" as the pair string). I checked "trust" and then also did a "map to serial port". You should see this, with data being transferred (the info line on the bottm of a device shows bytes in/out on there) in the Bluetooth -> Devices dialogue
4) In the Stellarmate web interface, make sure "EQMod" is selected as the mount
5) Start INDI

The profile should have EQMOD as the mount type in your profile before you click "Start INDI"

Mount tab in EKOS
I knew this worked because I got the mount button AND I heard like a "click" type of noise from the mount itself as KSTARS/EKOS had now taken it over. I did a test of an object in KSTARS, right click, EQMOD -> Slew..... and off the mount went.

Thank you again for the assistance.

PS If anyone thinks it'd help I could go and post some screen shots on this too.


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That was indeed the issue, thanks Jasem.

I've now gone back and in EKOS only selected ZWO once, for the main imaging camera. Once I then pressed "Start INDI" in EKOS, the guider automatically appeared and I was able to take a test image with the 120MM-S.

Thanks folks.


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I'm not having any luck getting my ZWO 120MM-S working from Linux (using the StellarMate). It works just from from local mode on EKOS my Mac, but not when using it to connect to EKOS running on the StellarMate. So I'm sure its not the camera.

What it does is you take a preview shot of say 1-2 seconds and it just does the count down over and over and over again and never takes an actual shot. The camera is recognised. I have a ZWO 1600MC cool attached and that is working OK, including driving the cooler.

Any idea why the 120MM-S is not working on StellarMate/Linux???

Thanks in advance, Craig


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Hi folks,

I've just got a StellarMate and am trying to control my Skywatcher mount with it. I'm following the instructions from here which is using the exact same bluetooth module and mount with the same software. It's not working.

Before starting I went through the setup of the mount using the hand controller (date/time/timezone/latitutude/longitude etc etc) and then did a two star alignment. I then unplugged the hand controller and put the BT adapter into the HC port on the mount. I was then able to connect to it from the StellarMate and pair with the bluetooth adapter. The devices gui shows its connected and even transmitting data as well and I then mapped in through to a serial port, the default of /dev/rfcomm0. Everything I thought I would have problems with, I didn't (recognising the BT adapter, pairing, com port mapping).

The screen shots attached are:
- From VNC on the stellarmate showing the bluetooth adapter connected, paired and sending/receiving data
- from EKOS running on my Mac trying to connect to the correct device, but failing for some reason
- profile settings in EKOS showing its using SynScan for the mount type

Does the SynScan HC need to be put into PC pass through or something before disconnecting it from the mount and putting the BT adapter in????

Can anyone help with why this isn't working?

Thanks in advance, Craig



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