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Hi sorry for hijacking this thread but i would like to know if there is a case that can fit the board plus the huge heatsink


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I am interested in buying the Optec Pyxis LE Rotator and i would like to know if there is a driver for it for indi. I sent an email at optec and they said that they have no driver for indi.


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A couple of weeks ago i had two nights in order to test an imaging workflow and i came up with the following. Please correct me if something is wrong.

1. I booted my Pi and as expected the time and date were wrong. The first time i run ekos and after connecting my equipment i expected that the system time/date would update via the gps dongle but it didn't happen. The second time i booted my system i manually set the time/date at my pi before running Ekos. Is there any way i can set the system time/date via my gps dongle?

2. I started my polar alignment via Ekos. First i slew my scope so that polaris was at my FOV and run a plate solve with a sync option so that my mount will have good goto alignment. Here i faced the following problem: The plate solver would finish in very good times but after i finish the polar alignment the goto was not accurate thus the target was not in my FOV.

Now if i do a sync procedure via Kstars (aka slew to a couple of stars and sync the mount) and then start the polar alignment the goto is very accurate. The workflow for this case is i do a plate solve with Polaris in the FOV and i have the option Do Nothing checked so that ekos will not sync the mount and then do the polar alignment. The goto then is very accurate as i said above.

Has anyone faced this issue with the polar alignment, am i doing something wrong? (next time i will provide photos and logs)

3. I start my imaging/guiding.

One thing that irked me while doing the polar alignment is the color of the crosshairs when it is time to move a star via the mount's alt-az bolts. I am slight color blinded and the purple color of the crosshairs were almost impossible to see, if possible at a future update of ekos can the color change to something bright like bright red, yellow, green so that it is vissible? unless there is an option to change the color and i don't know it.


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I have an HEQ5 Pro with the Rowan belt mod and i am very happy with how it performs in the field and i can get under 1'' with good guiding.
Unfortunately i had very limited time to do all the tests i wanted and short out any bugs at the setup and i only checked the PA with the phd guide assistant after the third iteration my usual check for PA is with the ccd drift alignment method . I have bought the GSP/GLONASS U-Blox 7 and i set it up today and tested the Share GPS app in order to enter coordinates and time(?) at my pi so the next time i will give a better test with the polar alignment, the bad thing is that at my day off the sky started raining cats and dogs and i have to wait a full week for new tests.

Under Windows EQMod i have set a parking position for my mount where the scope points east and an unpark position where the scope points at polaris. This way when the mount is parked i can load my scope at the mount, also i can set my polar scope at a home position and do a PA without releasing the clutches from my mount and manually rotating the mount. It's not the end of the world but if Ekos had this option it would be a convenience and for those that have limited space at their observatory.

I have some screenshots from when doing the tests and my gear when at the field (some of the wire were reduced in length today).


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i am writing at this topic so i won't open a new one.

I finally managed to go outside with my scope in order to test the astropi i have setup and i have some questions so please be nice when answering them since i may have missed some things.

1. The polar alignment was fairly easy once you learn the procedure. With my Atik383l+ and my rc 8'' the plate solving took under a minute with 4x4 bin. One problem i encountered is that before i started the polar alignment tool i tried to plate solve a part of the sky and sync the mount. The issue i had was that even though the plate solver was successful ekos failed to sync the mount. What could be the cause of this?

2. When doing the polar alignment how many iterations are acceptable? i did 3 iterations and according to phd i had a 1.7 arcsec error.

3. When i boot up my pi i noticed that the date/time of mate were wrong, i corrected the time/date but i would like to know if there is a workaround this minor issue. I read that the pi needs an internet connection in order to have correct time/date, since i don't have an internet connection on the field will a usb-gps dongle help solve this problem? (i found this www.supershopping.gr/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=2574 gps dongle is it ok?)

some observations i did while running ekos and maybe suggestions for future updates for the software.

4. At the camera tab it would be nice if there was a drop down menu when clicking at the exposure time, what i mean by that. I used sequence generator pro and when i entered exposure times along with typing the exposure time i could select exposure times from 5s,10s, 30s 1min 3min 5min 10min 20min 30min. it would be nice if this was included at ekos since it's a lot easier to have predefined exposure times than typing in the dark especially in the winter.

5. No matter how much i looked i could not find multiple park/unpark positions. It would be nice if this was included just like eqmod has this option

6. When i did the polar alignment i tried to do a drift alignment with my ccd in order to check how good was my PA. What i noticed is that even though i had tracking ON at the mount tab when i slew by 1x speed the tracking was disabled and i could not do my drift alignment procedure. Maybe i missed something or it is supposed for this to happen at ekos and eqmod when i do this procedure so i would like some information on this issue.

7. I am looking for a capture software for my asi120mc that is equal with firecapture or if ekos has this feature. When i did some tests with ekos i could not find any way on how to adjust the histogram of the colors while being at live view so i would like some help on that

8. I have a temperhum usb sensor in order to record temperature /humidity i read somewhere that under linux this sensor is not accurate i would to know what are my options


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scratch that i forgot to remove the # form hdmi_force_hotplug it works like a charm now


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sorry but it didn't work the screen resolution is still stuck at 656x416


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I am connecting to my astropi with my samsung galaxy tab e 9.6 via vnc and the resolution is set to 656x416 and i am trying to increase it to 1280x800 via the config.txt file at the sd card with no success. The lines i am editing are the following

hdmi_mode=xx (where xx i set the number form 27 to 31 since it is the resolution of my tablet)

Another thing i could try is the following line

hdmi_cvt=<width> <height> <framerate> <aspect> <margins> <interlace> <rb>
width        width in pixels
height       height in pixels
framerate    framerate in Hz
aspect       aspect ratio 1=4:3, 2=14:9, 3=16:9, 4=5:4, 5=16:10, 6=15:9
margins      0=margins disabled, 1=margins enabled
interlace    0=progressive, 1=interlaced
rb           0=normal, 1=reduced blanking

eg hdmi_cvt=1280 800 60 5 0 0 1

do i need to do anything else in the config file if i use the above line? Also from the specs of the screen i can't find the framerate of the screen
Screen specs
Type 	TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 	9.6 inches, 267.2 cm2 (~73.9% screen-to-body ratio)
Resolution 	800 x 1280 pixels, 16:10 ratio (~157 ppi density)
Multitouch 	Yes

any help is much appreciated.


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Corazon if i could kiss you i would for the help you have given me. The ASI works, it took me so many tries the last days with no success. I will give the internal guider a try but i want to have the alternative of phd. Also i would like to know if there is a documentation for ekos or any recent tutorials since all the videos i saw are old.


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i have installed all of my gear and i am doing some runs inside the house in order to get a feel for ekos and how to operate it and i have some questions that came up. i list them here instead of opening different topics.

1. Is there an option for multiple park/unpark positions? With EQMod i had setup a parking position with the scope pointing east and the unpark position where the scope would point at polaris, not to mention the home position when i wanted to polar align my mount.

2. i want to use phd 2 but i can't conenct to it. Here is what i do

I connect to the equipment via ekos (i have setup for phd guiding)
i open phd 2 but the sx lodestar is not listed, same thing for the mount (eqmod mount)

Also when i run phd2 without running ekos i can see the lodestar camera, connect to it and see images but i can't connect to the mount, the EQMod mount is not listed

3. I have an ASI120MC USB 2.0 and i tried connecting to it, even though the camera connects i can't see any image when i preview it. From some digging at ZWO's site they mention that with linux there are issues with the camera, has anyone made this camera to work?


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i checked with another powered hub i have and i have the same result. The only way i can make the whell spin is if the wheel is connected directly at one of the pi's usb ports (the wheel has its own power supply). I would like to know if anyone uses the startech usb hubs, i've read that they are quite good for external enviroments


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scratch that, when i connect the wheel directly at on of the pi's ports then the wheel works noemally, when i put it at the usb hub then it doesn't spin and ekos shows that it has 13 filter positions instead of 9


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i have connected all of my gear atik383l+, sx lodestar, mount, atik efw2. The proble that i face is that when i select a filter for my filter wheel the carousel will not spin to the selected filter. When the wheel powers up the carousel spins in order to initialize but then nothing happens. i have set it at the profile from the drop down menu, i have named the filter slots and saved the configuration but nothing happens. At the filter wheel tab when i select the filter position the wheel may sometimes spin and other times not. I changed the usb slot where i have the wheel and reinstalled the drivers but nothing happens. help please


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SUCCESS!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: I managed to make the offline plate solver to work. The problem is that when i disconnect the devices and stop INDI some of the settings are reset and need to be re-entered again. More specifically at the telescope simulator (and possibly when there is a real mount connected) at the option tab the scope properties are reset, this does not always happen. Also at the CCD Simulator (and possibly at a real camera) at the simulator config tab the CCD Y Pixel size always resets to 5.2. When i noticed this at both the simulator profiles and corrected it, the offline plate solver works flawlessly. For the atik 383l+/RC8 simulation profile the plate solve finishes in 24 secs for bin 1x1.

On another note i don't have a Raspberry Pi2 but a 3 model B yay :lol:


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i finally managed to download all the index files for the solver. In order to save space at the sd card i want to coy them at a usb stick and set the solver to look for the index files at the stick. Where do i do that i looked at every screen but i couldn't find anything


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I managed to find EQMOD GUI which is supposed to be the gui of eqmod for INDI i downloaded the deb file for my i and when i installed it i can't start EQMOD's gui on INDI, the mount connects but i can't see anything else. am i missing something?


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Thanks for your reply. Right now i am downloading the index files but it takes forever with a limited bandwidth and i will give it another shot.
If the offline plate solve fails, and i believe it will from what you have written, my options are to use a windows mini-pc in order to do the initial polar alignment. I looked for a version of EQMod for ubuntu but i only managed to find the driver and not the graphic environment i am used to work with. A final option is to find an app for my cell phone that has a polar alignment tool (an app that shows the polar finder view in order to do a PA) for the skywatcher mount but so far i have managed to find for the new polar finders that come with the new mounts skywatcher has and at my HEQ5 pro i have the old one, does skywatcher make new polar finders for the old mounts? Are the new polar finders compatible with the old mounts? It's a shame that there is no visual tool to do polar alignment at Ekos

I recently bought a RPI 3 B+ but later on i found out that there is no compatible version of Ubuntu for that board in order to run KStars/Ekos or is there a way to run Ubuntu on that board that i missed?



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