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Thanks Jean-Luc
Apologies for the slow reply, my system has been offline.
I have just built indi from your git fork as suggested, and sync and slew are working well with the inbuilt math plugin.
Thanks again, Mark


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Hi Jean-Luc,
Thanks for that, the SVD Math Plugin option works as suggested.
Let me know if there is anything I can help with for southern hemisphere testing...
Cheers, Mark


beyond created a new topic ' EQMod problem' in the forum. 1 year ago

I am running indiserver remotely on RPi and get the following error logs when trying to sync the mount in Kstars...

2016-08-19T09:38:25: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: gsl: lu.c:262: ERROR: matrix is singular
2016-08-19T09:38:25: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: Default GSL error handler invoked.
2016-08-19T09:38:25: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: stderr EOF
2016-08-19T09:38:25: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: restart #2
2016-08-19T09:38:25: Driver indi_eqmod_telescope: pid=2200 rfd=3 wfd=14 efd=17

Mount is then unresponsive until I disconnect and reconnect.

Gotos and tracking seem fine. I am building Kstars and INDI from GIT.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Mark



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