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I've started playing with Octave :)

My thinking here is more around the processing but looking good so far :)


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I run a 64 bit version of INDI (compiled myself) and use the 32bit version of the drivers.

It's possible :)


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So one issue with the 64bit version and the latest "numpty" is that the issue with the astrometry script and the rule changes in numpty about dynamic casting:

TypeError: Cannot cast ufunc add output from dtype('int32') to dtype('uint16') with casting rule 'same_kind'

So saving in a PNG for the tests was the initial work around but it looks like this can be done:

It appears that according to that comment that the change was reverted.. so perhaps a python/numpty update will sort it out. It looks like ".astype()" needs using in the script.


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Ok I'll have a look at that.


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OpenPHD2 can store guider frames (the raw FITS) for the entire run.

Not many people use this perhaps, however I use it to create the point spread function for each long exposure frame.

I've had a look but couldn't see how todo this on Ekos.. can you?


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Just got a new iPhone for my birthday (old one was 2009 3GS!).. VNC client app and hey presto!


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djibb wrote:

1) why you did not use kstars-bleeding from jasem ppa ?
The C2 is an ARM 64bit V8 architecture, compiling with a compiler that knows how to optimise and build for it results in more efficient and faster performance. It's using all of the capabilities of each core rather than being generic. At the time there were no 64bit ARM v8 builds (may this year)..
Having 64 and 32 binaries of everything gets complicated and bloated.. so 64bit for everything.
djibb wrote:
2) how you compile cfitsio in 32 bit ? (I'm really not a multiarch guru) (I've still compil it in 64 bits ;)
You can tell the ./configure command to make for different architectures - including 32 and 64bit. EKos uses the 64bit build I've built into the system.. the indi_atik_ccd process then needs to runtime link against the 32bit version - hence FD_LIBRARY_PATH on linux gives a list of locations for the runtime linker to search.. you could add both 64bit and 32bit. The linker will reject the 64 bit, then continue to search for a 32bit and will then find it.
djibb wrote:
3) about using cfitsio 32, you call setenv, then start indiserver ? (or it is on the same line)
I create a shell terminal session, then set FD_LIBRARY_PATH to add the new 32bit cfitsio location and then execute the indiserver on the command line - actually I do this with all my drivers.

When indiserver executes it runs as process and starts the other drivers as a process with just a socket connection between to communicate. This means that the indiserver and other drivers can be 64bit .. and other drivers can be 32bit without needing all to be one or the other.

Lastly - you may find that, on 64 bit, the astrometry.net solver python script incorrectly identifies the precision in the FITS image file - the is because it's attempting to dynamically identify the type at runtime and gets it wrong (it seems the type identification differs between 32 and 64bit python - bad programming!). The simple way to solve this is to save in a PNG and the problem is solved :D


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So the build sequence is:

-> 64bit OS Ubuntu
-> Virtual desktop install
-> download cfitsio from NASA and build 64bit and 32bit.
-> Follow the instructions to build INDI & kstars in 64bit -> you will need to pulldown the KDE development framework which is quite large plus other dependencies (should all be 64bit ARM v8), following the 3rd party drivers you will find that one set of drivers doesn't work (they're v7 32bit binary blobs) so tell the build to ignore these
-> astrometry.net built should be 64bit.

Now comes the fun part..
1. Indiserver and kstars is 64bit. However because the indi_atik_ccd driver is a seperate process it will run, as compiled, as 32bit. The runtime linker will need to be told where to find the 32bit cfitsio shared library. As the system 64bit installed library will be ignored.
2. use setenv FD_LIBRARY_PATH = $FD_LIBRARY_PATH:. (where . is the directory holding the 32bit version of cfitsio shared library)
3. start the indiserver as normal from the command line using indiserver then the drivers (most will be 64bit)) but the indi_atik_ccd and indi_atik_filterwheel (IIRC that's what it's called) will run as 32bit and will now correctly use the FD_LIBRARY_PATH to find the corresponding 32bit cfitsio shared library dependency.
4. start the 64bit version of kstars ..
5. setup an ekos profile to look external (but on the local machine) rather than have ekos start the indi server and drivers.
6. taadaah! cameras, kstars, action!


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I thought I'd just introduce my 'embedded' system - on the ODroid C2.

I'm running a 64 bit build from the bleeding edge on Ubuntu using C2 + eMMC local storage.
* Kstars
* Ekos
* astrometry.net + 32GB of astrometry.net indices on SSD
* separate INDIServer instance
* indi NEQ6 eqmod control
* indi atik camera drivers (Peter's) with Titan, 383L, 420. The little 16IC has been retired.
* indi atik efw2 driver
* own Yet-Another-Rob-Focuser (YARF) arduino + DRV8825 controller with own firmware to control the focuser
* Garmin Gecko 302 GPS via USB serial connection

Performance wise - the quad cores have got enough oomph to run everything. I use a remote desktop to control via WiFI connection.

With annotation switched on astrometry was about 4minutes.. but with annotation switched off it's 13seconds.


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One point I missed on the original post - I use a local 'remote' INDI server.
I run an indiserver with all the drivers in a command line window then use ekos to connect to it rather than start the indi itself.

I'm not sure if there's any difference in terms of threading etc between running the local ekos indiserver or the remote indiserver.


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I've worked with the Titan and other ATIK cameras quite a bit - in the past I've written drivers for it. I know a few people have had issues with the Titan and iNDI on the Odroid.. so here's the versions I have on the box:

I'm using atikccd-1.1-v7-armhf.deb but I've built the cfitsio, Kstars, Ekos and INDI sources from scratch using the C2 to give a 64bit implementation. The rest I've taken from the standard repos - including the massive KDE development framework for the dependencies. I use the kstars 2.6.0 build.

Image taken through the televue 2x on the noise as the Titan is on the OAG.

My configuration in hardware is simple:
13.5V PSU -> UBEC ->12V (for focuser) and 5V4A for the powered USB hub.
ODroid C2 -> USB2.0 -> powered hub -> Titan

Note that the Titan is powered from the USB so you need enough juice to power it on the USB connection. This is why I use a powered hub.
Secondly the Titan is sensitive to USB read timing - but works with the two normal lengths of USB I use. Having the C2 gives a good amount of oomph to read the USB data and not have any stalling etc.


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Could be a couple of reasons
* power on the USB - this can cause things to be a bit unpredictable. I use a powered USB hub with my C2.
* changes in timings for the drivers or possibly the length of cable/system in use can cause timing changes too.


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Although the ATIK drivers are peters (and I don't develop the drivers anymore), I did work on competitive drivers (TheSkyX for OSX) a few years ago so I know the original code base behaviour.

Looking at the logs the camera does not fully initialise as the driver is waiting for the ping response in the initialisation code. I took the liberty to enhance the drivers so that they'd automatically attempt to re-initialise if this occurred.



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