Rasbperry PIRSS

Rasbperry PI

INDI Drivers desiged to run on Raspberry PI embeded computer.

Astroberry Server


Astroberry Server is a ready to use astronomy desktop system for Raspberry Pi 3 It is a standalone system for controlling astronomy equipment supported by INDI server. The system features: Ubuntu Mate 16.04 Desktop Virtual Access Point (VAP) allowing ...


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The script is meant to automate the many setup steps involved with configuring a Raspberry Pi 3 so that it can be an Astrophotography hub using INDI, KStars, and Ekos.


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Scripts to build TinyAstro image. TinyAstro is a ARM Linux system with Kstars and INDI libs. With your mobile phone or tablet, you can control your gears without a computer.


3rd Party

Choose from the numerous 3rd party INDI drivers to suit your needs!

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