INDI Library v1.7.4 Released. 25 Jul 2018

Glad to announce of release of INDI Library v1.7.4 on 2018-07-25. A few drivers were added in this release as we continue to improve & stabilize existing drivers.
The following are the highlights of the release:

+ New Celestron Nightscape 8300 CCD driver.
+ New INDI FFMPEG-based Webcam driver.
+ New ZWO USB2ST4 driver.
+ New Arduino ST4 driver.
+ New Weather Watcher driver.
+ Optec IFW to support TCP/IP.
+ Added color support for OGV recorder.
+ Pulse Command now turned on by default.
+ Support for Park Positions 1/2/3/4 in Astrophsyics driver. Fixed pulse guiding.
+ Add DSLR temperature reporting.
+ Add support for GRBG pixel layout (8-bit) used by things such as NexImage 5.
+ Improved Pulse Guiding in EQMod.
+ Fixed EQMod DEC Inversion which caused issues with PHD2.
+ Fixex checksum error in maxdomeii. Implement dome motion buttons.
+ Fixed tracking issue in EQMod when using a joystick.
+ Fixex pier side reporting for 10Micron mounts.
+ Fixed protocol issue with ethernet connection to AP GTOCP4.
+ Fixed Celestron Pulse guiding.
+ Fixed occasional filter loading issues.
+ Add additional FITS Keyword SITELAT and SITELONG.
+ Add custom max filter count to trutech.
+ Add Zulu postfix to UTC time in FITS header.
+ Increase usbfs_memory to 256 for all USB cameras as it helps under ARM architecture.
+ SBIG, SSAG, Moravian, Radio, Fishcamp & FLI driver support under MacOS.
+ Updated QHY SDK to 2.0.10.
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