INDI Library v1.8.9 Released 01 Mar 2021

INDI monthly update. In addition to driver improvements, major code refactoring is in progress by @pawel-soja to modernize and improve INDI aging code.

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From 1.8.8 to 1.8.9

91bcd53 2021-02-24 Jasem Mutlaq Add missing exec
ab630cb 2021-02-16 Jasem Mutlaq Add more helpful messages for home position
2698360 2021-02-16 Jasem Mutlaq Fix paramount home and sidereal rate
1342022 2021-02-14 rishi-garrod Added labels for USB and Dew (#1355)
71b4dbf 2021-02-13 Jasem Mutlaq Add entry for star adventurer
3acd0f1 2021-02-13 Jasem Mutlaq Add motor rate and current to the config save
162bd94 2021-02-13 Jasem Mutlaq Add CEM26 and GEM28. Migrate CEM40 and GEM45 drivers to iOptronv3 commands and remove parking restrictions. Fixes #1354
186e45f 2021-02-13 interplanetarychris Final fixes for Celestrongps guider scale (#1353)
ace5d9e 2021-02-09 Jarno Paananen DDW state change fix part 2 (#1351)
0b670b1 2021-02-07 Jasem Mutlaq Add preliminary support to inquire pier side for Paramount. Not tested yet
ef4e73f 2021-02-06 Jarno Paananen DDW shutter state fix (#1349)
351095a 2021-02-06 Paweł Soja Separate useful macros to indimacros.h (#1348)
4974cf2 2021-02-06 Jasem Mutlaq Add support to Pegasus Micro as well
205f72f 2021-02-05 Jarno Paananen Fixes to handling of state changes in DDW driver (#1346)
aae54d9 2021-02-05 Paweł Soja Fix - PyIndi fails over missing symbol (#1347)
0fe8fe1 2021-02-04 Jarno Paananen Updates to DDW driver (#1344)
81e0b01 2021-02-02 Jarno Paananen Avoid DDW communication watchdog (#1342)
bb72af4 2021-02-01 Jarno Paananen Driver for Digital Dome Works (DDW) from Technical Innovations (#1341)
47ed55f 2021-02-01 Jasem Mutlaq Increment version for SkyWAtcher Alt-Az
3c222a5 2021-02-01 Jasem Mutlaq Add support for AZEQ6 as proposed by Dirk on INDI forums
fc26c01 2021-02-01 rishi-garrod Fixed Auto Dew for V2 and added Aggessiveness for V2. Fixed a few lit… (#1340)
077d2a4 2021-01-30 Rick Bassham fix: add null pointer check to serial connect (#1335)
45ae8e4 2021-01-23 Jasem Mutlaq Add saveConfigItems to WeatherInterface and utilize that in classes that inherit it
d523ba6 2021-01-23 Jasem Mutlaq Simplify code and use better variable names
09420eb 2021-01-21 d33psky Integra85 driver sanity checks and improved user messages. (#1334)
fa59b72 2021-01-21 interplanetarychris Fix celestrongps guide rate scaling (#1331)
d6e9d74 2021-01-19 Paweł Soja DefaultDevice - D-Pointer implementation (#1327)
f01ad1f 2021-01-19 Lesage Franck Tracking can now be switched on/off (#1326)
3e75b36 2021-01-19 Paweł Soja Refactoring - Widget decorators (#1324)
022406e 2021-01-19 Ilia Platone indicom.c update for delay calculation (#1328)
09a1e46 2021-01-18 pmneo Frame Based V4L Stacking and lazy stop capture for better loop perf (#1325)
5b13bbf 2021-01-15 Rick Bassham Add snoop device to joystick controller (#1323)
ec3836b 2021-01-15 avarakin Fix for issue with manipulating output ports (#1322)
7712811 2021-01-13 Jasem Mutlaq Temporary measure to prevent deadlock with some clients. Still requires long term solution
4baca66 2021-01-13 Paweł Soja Refactoring - less dependencies between files / less mallocs (#1318)
ab26ac5 2021-01-12 Paweł Soja Refactoring/INDI::BaseDevice - D-Pointer implemented (#1320)
de9b046 2021-01-12 lantictac Sesto Senso 2: Workaround apply motor preset issue (#1319)
428e0fe 2021-01-12 Jasem Mutlaq Starting libindi v1.8.9 development cycle
74615e6 2021-01-11 Jasem Mutlaq Protect properties and messages when used in multiple threads. While this used to work fine, some conditions may led to corrupted data
c714f9c 2021-01-11 pawel-soja Indidriver/refactoring (#1313)
978290d 2021-01-11 lantictac Sesto Senso 2: Motor settings (#1315)
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