INDI Library v1.9.5 Released 08 Mar 2022

Bi-monthly INDI Library released with new drivers and bug fixes.
What's Changed
Fixed updating of slew rate by @fdesvallees in #1598
Add missing find_package for Qt5Core by @paolostivanin in #1599
spec-195: update the spec file for 1.9.5 builds by @xsnrg in #1601
Pyindi - run actual tests by @abecadel in #1602
Fix setObjectRA and setObjectDEC for short and long format and longer format for issue #1604 by @d33psky in #1605
Allow Minutes Past Meridia +/- 180° by @azwing in #1606
Adding new NexDome Beaver INDI driver by @sifank in #1607
Fixing a build error on Older MacOS by @rlancaste in #1611
Add and apply Meade Protocol spec definitions by @d33psky in #1609
Add Pier Side Status for lx200zeq25 by @naheedsa in #1612
Use for uint* types (fix build on musl) by @thesamesam in #1618
Updated version of the AstroPhysics driver--for testing by @murveit in #1620
Fix Celestron focuser crash after calibration by @lglina in #1622
Fix but setting AP UTC by @murveit in #1625
Fix similar negative sign bug in AP driver by @murveit in #1626
Initial implementation for capture format and encode format by @knro in #1630
Add libtheora-dev to pre-requisites by @MattBlack85 in #1627
Update driver interface when the LX200 support a focuser by @pchev in #1631
Add CEM70(G)-EC identifier and a deprecation note by @spacekitteh in #1632
Add Driver for Esatto with Arco (goto, abort, sync, cal) by @ChristianHen in #1634
Remove incorrect documentation by @spacekitteh in #1637
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