INDI Library v2.0.1 Released 06 Apr 2023

Bi-monthly release with major changes to INDI properties and client API in addition to new drivers and improvements. An important feature for this release is the full support for XISF file format which is used by PixInsight. INDI cameras can now natively capture in XISF format.
+ Resolve timestamp name conflict. by @pawel-soja in #1837
+ Fix PMC8 tracking rate by @jfwells in #1832
+ Refactor CCD::addFITSKeywords() by @nouspiro in #1825
+ Remove protected operator& for INDI::BaseDevice by @pawel-soja in #1843
+ Support for XISF files by @nouspiro in #1840
+ cstdint_fix: add an include for cstdint to fix build problems with Fedora by @xsnrg in #1844
+ Simplification of virtual functions - watchProperty with the ability to choose the behavior by @pawel-soja in #1835
+ Update DDW dome driver for new property functions. by @jpaana in #1845
+ Feature/xisf as plugin by @nouspiro in #1847
+ Save XISF as planar by @nouspiro in #1851
+ Added Safety and Goto Limits by @amendolajamie in #1850
+ Feature/qhy gps timestamp by @nouspiro in #1852
+ Addition of myDewControllerPro driver by @chemistorge in #1855
+ Re-do Gemini SetTrackMode and SetTrackEnabled by @const86 in #1854
+ Southern Hemisphere Support for PMC8 and Other Updates by @karlrees in #1856
+ Removed the m_isSleeping boolean to fix the "tracking" status in ekos. by @amendolajamie in #1858
+ Fixed regression with Servo Precision logic setting. by @amendolajamie in #1862
+ Correct "MoveRotator()" command and handle firmware 1.4 bug of Falcon rotator by @escribana in #1863
+ [WandererCover] Adding support for newer firmware (20221008) by @grm in #1859
+ More cleanup by @amendolajamie in #1864
+ version_201: update spec to 2.0.1git by @xsnrg in #1866
+ Add driver for myDCP4ESP32 Dew Contoller by @hcomet in #1865
+ Remove XISF wrapper and adjust changes for LibXISF 0.2.0 by @nouspiro in #1867
+ Focuser Temperature Compensation a minor fixes by @azwing in #1868
+ Fixing Openastrotech AutoPA addon by @edombek in #1869
+ Fix command buffer size. Ambient offset to float by @hcomet in #1872
+ Fixed SestoSenso2 calibration by @Frostregen in #1871
+ Update skywatcherAPIMount.cpp by @mwillis87 in #1874
+ Force enable tracking after slew and unpark by @const86 in #1877
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