INDI Library v1.8.3 Released (02 Jan 2020)

Minor monthly bugfix release with a new RainbowAstro mount driver and improved pier side simulation.

Disaster with the last update.... - SOLVED

2 weeks 3 days ago 2 weeks 3 days ago by josemsubcn.
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Disaster with the last update.... - SOLVED #47757
Sorry for all,

I did not connect the power of Pegasus PPB then not enought current to work with the mount and EAF focuser. Now all is working well, included the Pegasus PPB with all the functionallity.

Thanks for the great job to update the libraries, and sorry for my mistake.



I have the Astroberry server 2.0.0 in a RPI4, just to today the systems works very well, except a full funcitionality of Pegasus PPB driver. I update the system regularly and today today I made the last update with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" and there were many library updates. When I perfomed the RPI4 reboot there are some drivers that not work, for example EAF focusser driver, and Pegasus PPB driver.....

Fcouser driver without any error message, but when I want to move the focusser, the driver shows the movement steps, but really the focusser don't move, it seems that works like a simulation driver.....

In the case of Pegasus PPB, the last driver before the update don't works at 100% but at least I can select some funciotionallity, now the driver shows connections errors, and I can't configure any paramenter.

Please, any solution?.


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2 weeks 2 days ago
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Disaster with the last update.... - SOLVED #47778
Glad you fixed it. Funny thing is that a similar thing just happened to me the other day--my Moonlight focuser wasn't working and I discovered that even though the indi focuser driver tab showed movement, the physical focuser was not moving. It turned out I hadn't connected the serial cable between the focuser-controller and the focuser-motor. I was about to respond to you asking if you might have bad cables.

I guess many of these focusers don't really have an accurate mechanism for knowing their current position.

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