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EQMOD Bluetooth connection will not connect on boot up

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Ok, so I have an Shoestring BT adapter which works really well, BUT after the PI is booted, I have to click on the BT icon on the desktop and connect it, then it says it’s connected to rfcomm0 and all is good in ekos, but why can’t it do this itself on boot up,,,the adapter is bonded and trusted and paired....
No this works perfectly Well in Stellarmate and connects straight away to rfcomm0 after boot up without any input from me....but not on Astroberry....
any ideas from you clever people....?
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Add this to /etc/rc.local
# Bind Bluetooth to Mount Adapter.
rfcomm bind hci0 XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX 1 &
Replace X's with the dongle's mac address.
It should then connect through rfcomm0 when you load the EQMod Mount Driver
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