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APS-C and fullframe lenses

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Hi friends! 

I was wondering if I need to factor in the crop factor in the focal length when using an APS-C camera...

ie. using a Canon 6D with a 200mm fullframe lens vs. a Canon 80D (crop factor 1,6) with the same 200mm fullframe lens. So does Ekos / Astroberry automatically know from the different sensorsizes that it needs to recalculate the FOV or do I need to create a separate lens with 320mm if i am using a fullframe lens on a APS-C camera? and if I have to create a second lens does the f stop change as well since the lens is the same I would not think so...

Thank you! clear nights pgartl
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The focal length of a lens or telescope is independent of the size of the sensor of the camera used. So 200 mm remains 200 mm regardless of if you use a 1 x 1 mm sensor or a 100 x 100 mm sensor. Ekos can indeed compute the new FOV but you need to clear the DSLR info in the imaging tab before you start imaging. There is a trashcan icon that you need to click and then Ekos will ask you for the new info.
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