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QHY camera irresponsive after live view

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Hi all,
I have problems with my QHY163M camera becoming irresponsive after using live view. I don't get any error message, the logs are empty, but the camera doesn't respond. In the INDI control panel it hangs when I try to do anything including disconnecting. I have occasionally also noticed the same issue with my QHY5-II-L guider, but it generally works better. The only way to solve this seems to be killing indiserver and restarting it.
The full setup is:
- EQMod mount (EQ6)
- QHYCFW2 filter wheel
- QHY163M main camera
- QHY5-II-L autoguider
It's all controlled via a Raspberry Pi, but I've also tried this from a laptop running Archlinux with the same results.
Anyone has faced a similar issue?
10 months 4 weeks ago #75492

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