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Which ZWO CCD driver?

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Which ZWO CCD driver? was created by Vin


I updated my Stellarmate OS (from 1.5.1. to 1.6.2) and happily the Esatto driver seems to be there in 1.6.2 on the SM Web Manager (1.5.1 didn't have it on the Web Manager).

I'm having to re-setup my equipment profiles, and noticed that whereas before there used to be just one "ZWO CCD" in the camera drivers, there is now "ZWO CCD", "ZWO Camera 1", "ZWO Camera 2" and "ZWO Camera 3".

Pls could someone tell me the difference between those?

Sorry it's been a long time since I upgraded so apologies if I missed something big in the interim!  (I was working on the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" rule until I needed the Esatto driver)

Thank you,

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Replied by Giles on topic Which ZWO CCD driver?


There are two ZWO camera drivers available:
  • <strong>ZWO CCD</strong>: This is the standard <strong>Multi-Camera</strong> driver. By specifying this, a <strong>Single</strong> driver is controlling all the cameras connected to the PC. It is the default and recommended driver.
  • <strong>ZWO Camera 1, 2, 3</strong>: These are <em>experimental</em> <strong>Single Camera Drivers</strong>. These drivers cannot be intermized with ZWO CCD, only one of them may be used at a time. The driver were created to address issues with operating multiple cameras simultaneously. While the ZWO SDK claims that it can support multiple cameras from a single driver instance, in reality when multiple cameras are streaming and downloading at the same time, the SDK may lag in performance. For example, when the primary camera is downloading an image, the guide camera download may get slower as a result. Therefore, these drivers can be used by specifying the primary camera in the equipment profile as ZWO Camera 1. If a Guide camera also exists, select ZWO Camera 2 for it. Once the driver starts, you can assign which physical camera is assigned to the driver. By default, the driver picks the cameras in order (i.e. ZWO Camera 1 picks the first camera, ZWO Camera 2 picks the second camera and so forth).
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Replied by Vin on topic Which ZWO CCD driver?

Thanks Giles much appreciated. I haven't noticed any performance lags with the ZWO CCD driver so far so maybe I've been lucky (or am using small files w quick downloads, since not a full-frame camera).

Hmm, I'm guessing these multiple individual camera drivers couldn't also be used for multiple instances of EKOS (ie if one Pi was connected to two camera+mount combinations)? Or could it be? (For example, an EqMod mount with 2 ZWO cameras & an iOptron mount w a ZWO camera)?

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