Kstar crashes when capturing short exposures with QHY163C

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Kstar crashes when capturing short exposures with QHY163C was created by petarm

Hi all, I am using an Asus Tinker board with Ubuntu mate 16.04LTS with Kstars 3.1.0 and i am having an issue capturing very short exposures (biases at 0.3sec) with my QHY163C. I have no issues capturing light/darks, only very short exposures. Everything freezes and Kstars crashes.

This only happens on the Asus Tinker board. When I run Kstars and the QHY163C on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop , no issues at all.

I have attached my log file.

One other minor suggestion, when Ekos starts, the user needs to manually tell Ekos that the camera is a colour camera and there is no filter wheel attached. Is there any way to set this in the indi control panel?

Thanks in advance and keep up the excellent work.
Takahashi FC-100DF, Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro, Baader modified Canon 550D, Orion 50mm guide scope with ZWO ASI 120MC, homebuilt BT Moonlite focuser, Asus Tinkerboard running Armbian Ubuntu 16.04LTS with kstars ( github.com/Patrick-81/NAFABox )
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