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QHY9 ccd not working properly ... again

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I just downloaded KStars 3.1.1 on my Odroid machine (build 2019-03-09T13:47:23Z) and tried it just now with my very old QHY9 and filter wheel. Two things don’t work

1) temperature control. Ekos indicates that the cooler is on and I can feel an airflow from the fans. Cooler power is at 100% but the temperature of the sensor stays at 23 degrees, which currently is more or less the temperature here in Spain at the moment
2) the filter wheel again doesn’t move. It did a few months ago after not having worked for several months and now it doesn’t again

The logs don’t indicate any problems at all. The commands are sent to the camera but it just doesn’t respond. I’ll attach the logs tomorrow if you want me to nevertheless.

Thanks for all the effort you’ve been doing to contact QHY, Jasem. But I am giving up on this camera brand forever. Luckily this is not my own camera but it is owned by the astronomy club that I am a member of. I will advise them to purchase a new camera.

Clear skies, Wouter
Wouter van Reeven

ASI6200MM and 7 slot 2" filter wheel with a SkyWatcher Esprit 80 ED on a SkyWatcher HEQ5-Pro
ASI1600MM-Pro Cooled and 5 slot 1.25" filter wheel with an 8" TS Ritchey-Chrétien on a SkyWatcher EQ6-R
3 years 10 months ago #36282

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Same problem (among other things).
I love the QHY9 though so I'm giving up on this platform
3 years 10 months ago #36290

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