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INDI Library v1.8.0 is mostly a maintenance release to fix a few bugs in several drivers.

Sony A7s erratic behaviour

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Sony A7s erratic behaviour was created by aselonia


Some months ago I reported a well known problem using Sony A7s that I understand was due to libgphoto2 not reporting back the list of shutter speeds to the shutter widget.
Then I decided to stop using the indi-ekos-kstar suite waiting for libgphoto2 next releases.
Now I'm back testing the all things and I found that while libgphoto2 is returning the list of shutter speeds, the indi_sony_ccd app is allowing me to take greater than 1 second captures only in BULB mode.
We all (astronomers) know that the BULB mode is a "star eater" mode ..... so we do prefer to work with 30" poses that we can stack.

I don't know if I'm using the software in the most appropriated way so I detail the process:

- Power on the sony alpha 7 in S mode - Shutter speed not in BULB
- Start the indi server and start the connection with Bulb mode not forced
- I start capturing pictures with shutter speed < 1 sec

If I try shutter speeds > than 1 sec it doesn't change the speeder speed of the Sony itself.

To capture picture > than 1 sec I have to setup the BULB mode on the Sony camera and to parameter the forced Bulb mode within the indi configurator.
I forgert to say that I do have to relaunch the indi server otherwide the process hangs.

Is this all the appropriated way to work within indi?

Thanks for your support.
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Replied by aselonia on topic Sony A7s erratic behaviour

Still no answer, comment on this?

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