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What camera for a RPI4 ?

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Hello everyone,

first topic here, I'm still a beginner in astrophotography, I started 1 year ago with a really basic set-up.

Today I've upgraded almost everything. I use a Sky Watcher 150/750 on an EQ5 mount with a Go-To system and belt. I use a RPI4 with Kstar/Ekos and Phd2, the autoguiding system works with a Datyson T7C.
My camera is an old EOS 1000D unfiltered by myself. It works well but I recently started to watch for an astro camera.

The idea is to find a camera working with all the set-up and piloted by Ekos. The RPI4 is a 4GB ram.

I dont want to make any mistake, so i'd like to know wich camera are working well with Ekos and a RPI 4BG with a Datyson T7C running at the same time.
The cameras that interest me the most by now are the one with the Imx294 sensor ( Asi294C or QHY294C ) or maybe the QHY168C, anyway It's juste the beginning of my researchs, I'm not closed to any other camera.

Thanks and sorry for my "french" english !
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Replied by Ken Self on topic What camera for a RPI4 ?

Most of the popular astro cameras will work on the RPi with Ekos.So the choice of camera really comes down to what sort of objects you are interested in, the sort of onditions you image under and how you wantto display your images.For example, if you are interested in emission nebulae a cooled mono camera with large field of view and narrow band filters would work best. With planetary you would want a color camera with small pixels and video capable.
-- Ken
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Replied by Max Dobres on topic What camera for a RPI4 ?

I agree, any camera from a mainstream manufacturer like ZWO or QHY should just work.  I have never had a problem with my ZWO ASI294MC, or my QHY guide camera, but the choice depends on what sort of imaging you want to do. I won't open up the can of worms that is OSC vs Monochrome, but if you do get something like ASI1284 I would recommend the Optolong L_Enhance filter for nebula and other  Ha rich targets  and the L_pro for RGB targets like galaxies, clusters etc.  Unless you have very dark skies. I also upgraded from an EOS 1100D a few years ago and the improvement is huge.
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I also agree. Much more important is to choose the correct camera for your setup and imaging location. With a focal length of 750 mm there is quite a lot of choice but make sure that you have a proper field flattener if you choose a large sensor.
Wouter van Reeven

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