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Omegon Kamera veTEC 571 C Color

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Hi folks,
is there somebody who has experience with the "Omegon Kamera veTEC 571 C Color" Cam.
I have heared the the firmware has a bug and so the pictures have stripes when downloaded.

All the Best Joe
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Hello I found your post, after searching for the same thing, because I found nothing, I desided to resurrect this thread, so the next person looking for the same information actually finds some.

I just got the Camera and noticed the behaviour you mentioned in astroberry (stripes and stuff).
At least in the noise pictures.
I used a Rasperry Pi 2 for testing purposes.

However if you use the shipped software "Omegon AstroPhotoCapture" (APC) you will not notice such pattern at all.
Testing the same thing with N.i.n.a. had also a clean picture.
So it is not a camera issue, but a software, driver, firmware problem.

Further investigating revealed: when using that software (APC) and camera with USB2 the pattern becomes more appearent.
It vanished when using a USB3 port.

I assume this has something to do with the firmware of the camera and USB 2.
There is a switch "USB Speed" with a range between 0 and 2 which is said to be used for problems with USB and Raspberry Pi3, but I did not notice a difference on my Pi 2.

Furthermore it is also necessary to use a real "offset" other than 0 (default value), because this also heavily influences the picture quality (I used 786 in my case).

With all these caveats known I get a quite stripe free noise image.
I also saw a little stripping in a video from a astrophotographer (was the mono version of the Chip).
So I assume this type of noise is normal, and nothing to worry about, the final images matter.

I can't really say how the real images look yet, because I caught the "new equipment means bad weather for months" curse.

I hope this helps anybody with the same question, so long.
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