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INDI 1.9.1 getProperties hangs indefinitely on Ubuntu 20.04

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Hi all,
I'm running INDI 1.9.1 on Ubuntu 20.04. I have not tested this on a different Ubuntu version.

I'm writing an indi driver in C and when running it with INDI 1.9.1 the <getProperties version='1.7'/> hangs indefinitely. The driver is not responding and the GUI interface does not populate. 

When I downgrade to INDI 1.8.2 and run my driver with indiserver, the driver responds. I am able to see the properties I have defined in the GUI interface. 

Has anything changed with the getProperties function? Below is an example of my ISGetProperties hook.

/* INDI hook: ISGetProperties() */
void ISGetProperties(const char *dev) {
  // Check device
  if (dev && strcmp(MYDEV, dev)) return;
  // Define widgets
  IDDefSwitch(&connectSP, NULL);
  IDDefSwitch(&actionsSP, NULL);
  IDDefLight(&stateLP, NULL);
  if (!initialized) {
    connectS[0].s = ISS_ON;
    connectS[1].s = ISS_OFF;
    IDSetSwitch(&connectSP, "Mirror cover is connected");

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