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Command line CCD driver

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Command line CCD driver was created by Anjo


is there a command line based driver for CCDs? I want to use several libcamera based cams on the raspberry Pi, and so far I haven't found anything that seems to fit.

Also, the existing RPi cam driver doesn't allow streaming, which makes it a little bit of a pain to work with for me (solar imaging). I need streaming so I can position the mount quickly, but the driver doesn't support it. What I did so far is to use the indi_raspicam driver and to "clone" the V4L2 driver for that raspi cam, then connect and disconnect to do the streaming part.

Needless to say, while it kinda, sorta works, it'is very error and crash prone. I even had kernel messages coming from it...

So the easiest and most generic solution I can imagine would be some sort of skeleton driver that would keep internal state and then execute command line calls, like "raspistill bla" and return the result.

So far I found: github.com/MMTObservatory/pyINDI

Which seems pretty cool in that (among other things, like easy web UIs) it allows you to write your drivers in python. Unfortunately they don't have a CCD skeleton...

Before I start with writing my own cam driver - which, if I want to have streaming is probably a pretty complex endevour - I would like to know if someone knows of a similar project?

And if there isn't, are there some tips for doing this? I was thinking along the lines of listening to EKOS calls when imaging, plate solving and focusing and then implement those things.

Any other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, In advance, Anjo
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