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Checking guiding deviation before dithering seems backwards to me

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In capture.cpp, after a light frame, in the checkLightFramePendingTasks() it does (among other things):

// step 7: check guide deviation for non meridian flip stages if the initial guide limit is set.
// Wait until the guide deviation is reported to be below the limit (@see setGuideDeviation(double, double)).

// step 8: check if dithering is required or running

It seems to me those steps are backwards. I would like to set a guide deviation limit, so that after a dither is complete, the capture module waits for guiding to settle back down before starting a new capture.

Was this just a simple mistake, or am I missing something important?

-- Kevin
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It’s indeed not that simple. We have the same with focusing, where we do not check the initial guiding deviation afterwards. The problem is not the check itself but the states behind that trigger these changes. We need to rework the state model to make such changes possible. With 3.6.1 there will come a first refactoring in that direction, hopefully 3.6.2 will bring the next step forward.

Meanwhile please rely upon the general guide deviation limit. It sometimes comes late, but far better than without.

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