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New Feature - The Aberration Inspector

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First - Thank you for this tool. I've been using ASTAP for it's inspector but it's cumbersome and the results are not often usable.
A thought about the "traffic light" suggestion above. Could you place radio buttons somewhere to "invert horizontally" and "invert vertically" the data on tilt movements? That way the user can configure the readout to a format that's usable for their particular tilt plate.
Also, my ZWO camera only has 3 tilt adjustment screws. is there a way to display data for adjusting tilt with a 3 screw system? That would be wonderful.
Thanks for the hard work. I'm really looking forward to trying out the Image Inspector next clear night.
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These items can certainly be done. The issue for me is that since I don't own a device to adjust tilt / backfocus its difficult to take this further on my own in a meaningful way. Happy to collaborate on it further though.

1. The traffic light idea needs some input from users over a range of equipment as to what constitutes R, A and G. One person's R will be another's A, etc etc. So some sort of consensus is required (which will probably be equipment related).
2. The invert buttons are a good idea.
3. Converting the tilt movements to something like turn screw 3 anti-clockwise a quarter turn is something that could be done but would require collaboration. AI already has information on the sensor but not the tilt device so the user would have to specify the location of the screws. For tilt I think if the thread-pitch on the screws were to be specified as well then it would be possible to calculate which screws need adjustment and by how much, to flatten the tilt. For backfocus its more complex: there isn't an easy relationship between backfocus delta and how far to move the sensor - its more a try it, see what happens and try again type of thing.

So, happy to explore doing more on it, if there are folks with tilt devices willing to collaborate.
2 weeks 4 days ago #100125

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