INDI Library v1.8.5 Released (19 Apr 2020)

April 2020 release of INDI Library v1.8.5 introduces new drivers while providing fixes and improvements to existing devices and core framework.

C # INDI library

10 months 6 days ago 10 months 6 days ago by Acapulco Rolf.
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C # INDI library #43021

With reference to the C # INDI library here (and here )

Is there an actual working Visual Studio C # example available anywhere as a tutorial for using the INDILIB C # library

Other than this code snippet ( example c sharp code snippet source ) ?

string address = ""; //default value: "" can omit this parameter
int port = 7624; // default value: 7624 this also can be omitted
INDIForm form = new INDIForm(address, port);

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