INDI Library v1.9.0 Released (23 Apr 2021)

Major INDI Library release v1.9.0 bring significant internal changes championed by @pawel-soja to modernize core INDI Library drivers and clients. New drivers for DeepSkyDad Flat Panel & Pegasus devices plus further improvements to PCM8 drivers.

Compiling kstars test fails?

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For quite some time I have had trouble compiling kstars from latest git pull if I have tests enabled. Here's what I usually do:
cd <kstars git repo folder>
git pull
mkdir build
cd build
The build reaches 98% but then at the tests I start getting tons of errors similar to this one:
[ 98%] Building CXX object Tests/kstars_ui/CMakeFiles/test_ekos_meridianflip_specials.dir/qrc_kstars.cpp.o
In file included from /home/kbrown/Documents/dev/git_repos/kstars/Tests/kstars_ui/test_ekos_capture_helper.cpp:13:0:
/home/kbrown/Documents/dev/git_repos/kstars/Tests/kstars_ui/test_ekos_capture_helper.cpp: In member function ‘bool TestEkosCaptureHelper::startCapturing(bool)’:
/home/kbrown/Documents/dev/git_repos/kstars/Tests/kstars_ui/test_ekos_capture_helper.h:258:18: error: ‘qWaitFor’ is not a member of ‘QTest’
Everything goes through and appears to run fine if I turn off the tests like this:
Just wondering what the actual problem might be? Some kind of Qt version incompatibility? Ideas?

5 months 4 days ago #65947

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Replied by Siyu on topic Compiling kstars test fails?

Same here
1 month 3 weeks ago #70600

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