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Arduino Meteostation MLX temperatures

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a student of mine has built an Arduino Meteostation following the instructions here: github.com/magnue/induino_meteostation_h...onfigure-print-build

The ambient and IR temperatures in the sketch (github.com/indilib/indi-3rdparty/blob/ma...O/indiduinoMETEO.ino) are divided by 100.

  if (mlxSuccess) { Tir = mlx.readAmbientTempC() / 100.0; 
  IR = mlx.readObjectTempC() / 100.0; 
} else if (mlxSuccess = mlx.begin()) { 
  // Retrymlx.begin(), and clear MLX sensor fail flag 

It seems, that these are also the values shown in the INDI Control Panel under Raw Sensors. Both values are 0.20 inside an the IR temperaure goes up to 0.30 when holding a hand over the sensor. As a result the Sky Temperature inside is -7.70 C which is obviously wrong.

So I asked myself, why the temps of the MLX Sensor are divided by 100 and if the Sky Temperature ist calculated correctly.

Grateful for any help,
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