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DIY motorised roll-off observatory roof - what INDI driver?

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Hello Tom
I do have the file in the location that you referenced on the RPi. I can see the driver from the drop down Dome options in the profile creator on the RPi.
I do not know if such a folder/directory structure is created when KStars is installed on the macOS. I looked for something similar but could not find it. Someone else may know where that may be if it is on a macOS.
Thanks to you I learnt something new and used the "Remote" method and it works.
I set the Remote driver name as "@hostIPaddress:7624".
As indicated in the previous post. I can see the RollOff ino driver when I run Web Manager on my macOS. I select the drivers I want there and run that. 
I do not select any driver in the Ekos profile, except have the Remote one with that name and all of the devices show up and is connected on Indi Control Panel and Ekos.
Thanks to you and all the others that contribute..

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